Castleberry High School black teacher & white student feud video
Castleberry High School black teacher & white student feud video

In Castleberry High School a black Teacher Slapped By a white Student Video is goes viral.Castleberry High School authorities issues a statement over this disrespectful video.

Castleberry High School Teacher Slapped By Student Video

Recently, a video has gone viral in which a white female student at Castleberry High School slaps a black substitute old teacher.

She then make a phone call to her mom and said . “You wanna talk to her?! Because she’s black and she’s pissing me off!”

Castleberry High School authorities has issued a statement after a video surfaced on social media that appears to show a student hitting their teacher’s arm in a classroom.

In this statement, school district officials wrote that local authorities are currently investigating the alleged incident at the school. Strict actions will be taken immediately.


A video is trending where a Castleberry High School black teacher was slapped by the young white student. This was first posted on and now the news is trending on other social media platform like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

The video that is posted on Reddit shows that an old teacher was slapped by one of the female students in her classroom Infront of other classmates. The incident took place at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth Texas.


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