An alleged Video Scandal of Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal Became viral on media and social media. Initially A private Tv channel News One published the video with screaming breaking News. The Channel News one alleged an audio clip saying its Chairman NAB leaked audio with a girl Tayyeba Gul.

The private channel was Breaking this News all day. After the Chairman NAB video scandal published and became viral on social media, The Channel News one came forward and denied the authenticity of the video. They also apologised on breaking unauthentic News regarding Chairman NAB video scandal.

But lie was spread all over the social media and job was done. Until then hundreds of people published the video of chairman NAB sex scandal on YouTube channels and facebook pages.

It did not stop on this One audio tape only. Many supporters of different political parties ( Especially opposition parties) bring out another video, Alleged sex scandal of Chairman NAB Javed Akhtar. Here is that Alleged vido scandal of Chairman NAB.

Alleged Sex scandal video of Chairman NAB

The channel News One Published this video also claiming that its the sex scandal of Chairman NAB in his office. Later on Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal denied the scandal and told in his press release that it is just a fake Propoganda against him. He revealed that it is a blackmailer Gang and the leader of the GAG Farouq is locked up in Kot Lakhpat Jail in the charges of Fraud. NAB has 42 Cases of Fraud Against him. Here is the complete press release of Chairman NAB after the alleged video scandal.

Chairman NAB video scandal
Chairman sex scandal and facts
Farooq Nool Master mind of Chairman NAB video scandal

The girl appeared in Both Audio and video scandal of Chairman NAB names as Tayyeba Gul and her husband name is Farouq. Few hours ago a video of Farooq Nowl appeared in which he is explaining the Facts Behind Chairman NAB video scandal.

Who Could be Possibly Behind chairman NAB video scandal

Few days ago All opposition parties joined in an alliance against Government and National institutions. The motive of this alliance is clear ” Save fathers”. Blackmail the government and institutions so they will not continue an accountibilty process against corrupt leadership of this GANG of looters.

Soon after the Alliance Established, Maryam Nawaz of PMLN started spewing venom against Chairman NAB.

It is not Unlikely that this woman Could be behind Propoganda against Chairman NAB. History witnessed the vulgar photographs of Benazir Bhutto, Book Of Reham and many other things like this.

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