"Jinnah was right" trends in India after Ayodhya Verdict

“Jinnah was right” started trending on Twitter after the supreme court of India announced Ayodhya case’s verdict against Indian Muslims. Thousands of Indian Muslims and Sikhs are realising that “Jinnah was right” on his two-nation theory. Supreme court of India in its Verdict on November 9, 2019, allowed Hindus to demolish Babri Mosque completely and build Ram Mandir on its place.

The verdict of Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir dispute sparked outrage among Indian Muslims and other minorities. Hundreds of Indian Muslims and Sikhs came on Twitter and started a Twitter trend with caption “JINNAH WAS RIGHT”. The trend began with a tweet of DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor in which he qouted:

Today all minorities of India should have again realised that vision of our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah about Hindutva was absolutely right. They would now regret more convincingly to be part of India.

Following the tweet of DG ISPR, hundreds of Indian Muslims and Sikhs came up agreeing his words. They are realising that India is no country for Muslims and other minorities and they will never get their rights against Hindu people of India. Watch the reactions of Indian Muslims and Sikhs after the Ayodhya Verdict, below.

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