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    Chaos on Elon Musk’s Twitter Spurs Mass Exodus

    Musk’s Twitter Spurs Mass Exodus – Elon Musk has been having fun with the idea that he might be the funeral director of the messaging platform Twitter he bought for $44 billion less than a month ago. On November 17, he tweeted a meme of the service’s blue bird logo on a gravestone.

    Chaos on Elon Musk's Twitter Spurs Mass Exodus

    By then, Twitter employees had already been locked out of the company’s offices and told they would reopen on November 21.

    All of this happened a day after the richest person in the world sent out a memo telling half of Twitter’s staff that he didn’t fire them when he took over and that they had to be “extremely hardcore” and “work long hours at high intensity” to keep their jobs. They had a day to sign an online form to agree to these terms.

    Musk’s Twitter Spurs Mass Exodus – It wasn’t clear right away how many of the roughly 3,000 employees still working for the company did this and how many chose the three-month severance Musk offered instead. Over 100 people have said in public that they are leaving, and hundreds more have said in internal forums that they are willing to be fired.

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    Twitter employees are quitting the job

    Some Twitter engineers have been saying for weeks that more than half of the company’s workers leaving would hurt the site’s software code and cause it to go down.

    Some Twitter engineers have also questioned Musk’s skills, and when one of them said something bad about him in public, Musk fired him.

    There are more worries about Twitter’s reliability because more employees are leaving, and Musk said he would shut down most of the site’s microservices, which are software functions that run independently.

    Musk has said other things as CEO of Twitter, only to change his mind. For example, he said people couldn’t work from home but later took that back.

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    Twitter Verification System

    He added Twitter verification as a premium feature and then took it away. If you paid $8 a month, the service would give you a blue check mark to show that you were real.

    Musk’s Twitter Spurs Mass Exodus – His mistakes have hurt people in the real world. Shares of Eli Lilly fell for a short time, taking $15 billion off the company’s market value after a fake account said the company was giving away insulin for free. Before verification was stopped, they also led to many jokes about companies and famous people, including Musk himself.

    The feature is now set to come back on November 29. However, the CEO’s tweets about how it might work have given different information about how it might work.

    It’s easy to see why the possible end of Twitter became one of the most talked-about topics on social networks and media sites like Vanity Fair and Search Engine Journal.

    There was everything from laughter to anger. Someone put a long list of insults about Musk on the front of Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco.

    Elon Musk Tweet

    Musk wrote on Twitter late November 17 that Twitter use has never been higher.

    Musk’s Twitter Spurs Mass Exodus – So far, the code has worked, and Musk has 44 billion reasons (minus the loans he doesn’t have to pay back) to keep Twitter running well. Based on a November 17 estimate, his $181 billion net worth may also give him peace of mind.

    How can you make a tidy sum with the help of social media? Get started with a big one, “Musk sent out a tweet shortly after his workers’ deadline had passed.

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