Former Indian finance minister Chidambaram and Justice Markande Katju in Hot waters after their recent statements on Indian war craze. CHIDAMBARAM just quoted in his tweet that ” India wants Kashmir but not Kashmiris “. After his tweet, Indian started a boycott campaign against the former Minister. First, watch what Chidambaram and justice Markande Katju said in their recent statements.

And Here is the Recent Interview of Justice Markande on Current Situation.

 Summary of Markande Katju’s Statement.

Justice Markande Katju says that he feels sad about the incident. But for those who are talking about revenge, “how they will take revenge”. About Kashmir, he said whole Kashmiri nation is standing against India because of our own mistakes. Freedom fighters are a few hundred but they can’t fight Guerrilla warfare until local people support them. So this is proving that Kashmiri people are standing against us.

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Talking about the attack on Pakistan, Katju added Pakistan is not sleeping now. If You did a so-called surgical strike in the past, that could be possible because of surprise. But now the Pakistan Army is alert. They ( Pakistan) is a nuclear power. If you will cross the border, you will come back with a bloody nose. He criticised the attacks on Kashmiri Students and poor traders calling it a coward action. He advised the Indian government that if you will kill innocent citizens,  then it will get a reaction. Civilians will stand against you for a fight.

There is only one solution of Kashmir issue, that is talk.

Any Religious extremist should br shot as mad dog, whether He is muslim kr Hindu. Justice Markande katju added in his last comments.

Following the statements of both persons, Indian people reacted as usual and start bashing on them over social media. There are trends on Twitter pushing people to boycott Chidambaram and Markande Katju. It is an insane thing in India that anyone who talks about peace is a traitor. During past days the same type of campaign was running against Navjot Singh Sidhu and Kapil Sharma. They were asking Sony Tv to sack Sidhu for not blaming Pakistan for Pulwama Attack. Kapil Sharma also came under criticism after he said some words in the support of Sidhu.

Indians on Chidambaram 

The same type of campaign is running against Former minister Chidambaram on social media.

Pakistan’s Response on Indian aggression.

Pakistanis are not much concerned over India’s screaming. Most of them are busy enjoying PSL. And few are replying India on social media as a matter of fun. Prime Minister Imran Khan came on Media after 3 days of Pulwama Attack and said, I was busy so I did not reply. In a short reply, he offered India for evidence of Pakistan’s Involvement in the incident and told to take action if any Pakistani was involved. But on other hands, he also warned India for a non-stop retaliation in case India dares to attack.

You will start war but we will not hesitate to retaliate. Once you will start a war, then It will never end. Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his statement. 

It is very clear to most of the world that the Modi government is trying to cash the incident by boosting sentiments for upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Because Modi is famous to use Anti-Pakistan card to gain the support of 70 per cent extremist Hindu Population.

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