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China’s Next Generation Missiles PL-15 being tested on JF-17

China Is Reportedly Said To Supply Pakistani Air force with one of the most capable Air to Air Missile PL-15. China Liberation Army’s Air force is deploying PL-15 missiles on their most Advance J-20 fighter Jets. If you want to get details in URDU then watch the video below.

The missile will increase the ability of Pakistan’s JF-17 thunder to hit highly manoeuvreble Enemy’s jets with more long Ranges. PL-15 Missiles can hit the target from 150 kilometres to 200 kilometres. Indian Air force already lost a recent battle against Pakistan Air force with losing one MIG-21 and a SU-30. SU-30 is a fourth generation fighter Jet but Pakistan shot it down with an Aircraft of BLOCK-2 JF-17 Thunder.  Addition of PL-15 Missiles will give Pakistan Air force even more superiority on Indian Air force which is struggling to get RAFAEL aircrafts from France. It is the first time that PL-15 will be deployed outside the China.

The missiles were initially planned to Deploy on BLOCK-3 JF-17 thunders which is expected to join the fleets in 2020. But Block-2 of JF-17 thunder can be easily modified to use these most advanced missiles.

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