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Chinese People Deatroying iPhones – US CHINA TRADE WAR

Chinese People are destroying their iPhones to show their support to Huawei. Huawei Vs iPhone war started worldwide as a part of US-CHINA trade war. Past week US asked google to break their trade relationship with Chinese company Huawei. Following the arrest of Huawei’s CEO Meng Wanzhou chinese people showing patriotism and Support to Huawei. Executive of Chinese telecom Giant was arrested in Canada for breaking the US Sanctions.

In a Patriotic response Chinese people protesting and Banning US and Canadian Products. Local companies are offering even incentives to their employees for using Huawei’s products. On other hands many companies warning strict actions against those who will use iPhone or any of Apple products. Social media users running campaign to Bycott iPhone.

Chinese companies threatening punishment for anyone caught with Apple product.


US China Trade war started last year when Donald Trump decided to put high Terrifs on Chinese products imported to US. China Responded with same actions by putting a Terrif of $ 60 Billions terrif on American products. China is largest consumer of US Products including Tech and Beens.

US tech Giants like Apple and Google have their largest numbers of consumers in China. Things got worsened after the arrest of Huawei’s CEO and a ban on Huawei inside America. US blacklisted the Huawei calling it a threat to National security. They also pushed the Google to stop providing their services to Huawei company, That means that Feature phones of Huawei will no longer be able to use Google products like Google play store and Others. Here is a complete explaination of Huawei’s ban in US.

Here is How US China Trade war effecting the American Farmers.

China in Response to US ban On Huawei announced a 25 percent Terrif On Apple phones. Here are other steps Chinese are taking against US products in this trade war.

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