Chris Sails Onlyfans video leaked and went viral on Twitter

Popular YouTuber Chris Sails is making headlines on social media after a leaked video from his Onlyfans page surfaced on Twitter. Fans were surprised after watching Chris Sails Onlyfans video on their timelines.


But it is not the purported video that made the fans surprised. Many users weren’t aware that Chris Sails has joined Onlyfans, an X-rated subscription-based platform where people charge their audience monthly subscription fees for allowing the audience to watch their exclusive content.

Video: Chris Sails joined Onlyfans platform

According to details, on March 5, 2021, Chris Sails shared a screenshot his Only-fans page and asked his followers to subscribe for $20 a month if they are interested to watch his content. “Go subscribe to my only fans,” he wrote in the tweet.


Later on March 6, he shared short video clip which shows him alongside a model performing workout. He again asked his followers to subscribe for his Onlyfans in order to watch the full video clip. However, he has deleted the video clip after few hours.

But it seems that most Twitter users were saved from spending dollars and paying him. Because, on the same day when Chris Sails uploaded his first video, his Onlyfans video leaked and became viral on Twitter.

Chris Sails Onlyfans video shows him working out with a black model. Due to our content policy, We are not going to upload the leaked video here but you can watch Chris Sails Onlyfans video on Twitter by going on this page.


People are reacting to Chris Sails Onlyfans.

Who is Chris Sails

Born on September 23, 1995, Chris Sails is a YouTuber who became known for his couples channel, Chris and Queen alongside his former partner, Queen. The couple’s channel is famous for its pranks, challenges, vlogs, and more.

He grew up in Michigan; he began dating Queen in 2013 after meeting at a basketball game.


Chris Sails has 3.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He also has 1.7 million followers on Instagram where he is actively promoting his Onlyfans page these days.


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