Christian woman was stripped naked and forced to Parade nude on the streets of India

India is no country for women. A Christian woman was stripped naked, Beaten and Paraded on The Street by violent mob of RSS and Bajrang Dal supporters in Bihar, Indian. Some participants from the angry mob filmed her and published the video on social media.

BIHAR: A Christian woman was stripped naked, beaten & paraded through the streets by radical Hindus aka RSS. The group burned her house before they dragged her out onto the street.

According to details, the incident happened in Bihar province of India. The woman was accused for the murder of a young man, whose body was found on a railway track. The angry mob of radical RSS and Bajrang Dal supporters pulled the woman out of her home, torned her clothes and stripped her naked. Before making her Parade on the street, they burnt her home also.

بھارت، بہار۔ عیسائی عورت کو ننگا کر کے سڑک پر بھگایا جا رہا ہے۔

Posted by PlanetsPk on Sunday, October 6, 2019
Video of Christian woman who was stripped naked on the streets of Bihar.

Hundred of locals were jumping behind her while the Christian woman was forced to parade naked on the street.

Watch, BJP Leader asking Hindu men to Gang-rape Muslim women in Kashmir.

Incidents similar to this are becoming more common in India, especially with the minority Muslims, Dalit and Christians. Last month a muslim man “Aslam Khan” was lynch to death by an angry mob of RSS goones in west Bengal.

CIA just included the “RSS” and “Bajrang Dal” in the list of militant religious outfits.

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