Civic wala Scene and Civic wala Londa trending on social media in Pakistan and India
Image: Screenshot from Civic wala Londa memes

Civic wala Scene” confusing many social media users who are unaware of what is “Civic wala scene” and why “Civic wala Londa (Civic wala Launda) is trending on social media during the past couple of days. I will tell you all about Civic Wala scene and civic wala Londa (also known as Civic wala lounda), just keep reading, below.

Civic wala Londa memes on Instagram

Civic wala Londa” became the top trend on social media after a boy “name: Furqan” shared his thought on social media according to which girls prefer to make a boyfriend who has money and at least Honda Civic car. According to him “a girl will never prefer a boy with Honda 70 motorcycle over a boy with Honda Civic car. See the Screenshot, below.

Civic wala scene started trending after a boy said girl will prefer a "Civic wala Londa" over a "70 wala Londa"
Image: Screenshot of Twitter post

Following his post, social media spilt into two groups. One of the group agrees that a Civic wala Londa (boy with a civic car) will get a most beautiful girlfriend and even one after another girl will be behind him.

However, the other groups argue that money and a luxuries car doesn’t matter to the girls. All a girl need in her boyfriend is the loyalty and caring attitude. According to this group, a “70 wala Londa” (Boy with a Honda 70 motorcycle) can get even a prettier girlfriend if he is caring, good looking of course and loyal. See the Screenshot, below.

Civic wala Londa memes (Civic wala Launda)
Image: Screenshot of Civic wala Launda memes on Facebook

Following the argument, both groups have started sharing their thoughts and hundreds of memes trolling each other. Within a few hours, civic wala Londa (Launda) and 70 wala Londa became top trends and the argument turned into entertainment for social media users. Watch some funny memes related to “Civic wala Londa” below.
Video: a 70 wala Londa has even prettier girlfriend than a Civic wala Londa

Another Facebook user shared a video which shows a girl call the cops after a boy tried to harass her. However after cops arrived, she made them surprised by saying “she likes the boy because he has a Honda Civic (in the popular term, he is civic wala Londa).” See the video, below.
VIDEO: Girl likes Civic wala Launda (funny memes)

See what people are sharing at Twitter.


Twitter user ‘Badshah’ shared a romantic photo of a couple and wrote: “They could be us but tumhen shayed #Civic wala lounda chahiye 🙊🤦‍♂️😷🤭🤭🤭.”

Another Twitter user ‘Black_label’ shared the image of a Pakistani drama Serial ‘Jalan’ and said: “Presenting you The story of civic wala lounda.”


A female Twitter user ‘Idc’ wrote: “Imagine getting civic waly lounday who are racist and doesn’t respect women yall are literally gonna settle for that? No honey civic wala lounda isn’t the criteria.”

See more “Civic wala Londa memes” in the tweets, embedded, below.


“I’m going to roast..
Who says..
K civic wala lounda = girl’s weakness
Sala asy kasy🌚🤨
Looks, sense of humour ki koi ijjat ji nai…😤.”


Sayed Mohammad Tayab Wrote: “Well we must discourage dowry, but what about those kawateen who prefer character wala simple banda I mean modest background over civic wala lounda? Or banda sirf 6 figure salary wala ho ? Beshak kud mushkil say FA Kia howa ho ? #ShadiKrwao.”


Apart from Twitter and facebook, the memes have been trending on Instagram and other social media platforms as well. Girls have been running from this generalization that they want a Civic and not a loyal partner.

View this post on Instagram

. . . . . . . . . . . #memesdaily #meme #memes😂 #memer #civic #civicwalalounda

A post shared by Haram_Meme (@haram_mout) on

Civic wala Lounda memes on Instagram

However, boys remain adamant, that when there is a Civic and money involved, girls will prefer it.

Apart from Civic wala scene, What is your stand? Ever have you wondered, what Pakistani girls look for in a man? Is it the eyes? The face? The height? Or any other physical feature? Say your opinion in the comment section.



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