Claudia Conway Responds after mother Kellyanne Conway shared her Picture on Twitter Fleet

Claudia Conway addresses the allegations that her mother Kellyanne Conway posted Claudia's private picture on Twitter fleet

Was Claudia Conway’s private picture leaked by her mother, Kellyanne Conway, on Twitter fleet intentionally or Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter account was hacked? Many social media users are asking this question right after Claudia Conway’s viral photo which appeared on her mother’s Twitter Fleets.

In order to answer the questions, concerns and allegations against her mother Kellyanne Conway, Claudia Conway came forward and responded to Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet picture (a picture posted on Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet showing Claudia Conway taking selfie picture before washroom mirror) by posting four TikTok videos. Watch the video, below. (VIDEO1, VIDEO2, VIDEO3, VIDEO4)
Video: Claudia Conway responds to Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet picture

On TikTok, Claudia Conway addressed allegations “her mother Kellyanne Conway posted her n*de on her Twitter fleet.” Claudia says she has faith her mother would never put anything like that on the internet. Claudia also says she is leaving social media to work on her relationship with her family.

Claudia Conway further added she doesn’t believe her mother would post her such kind of picture intentionally. Claudia adds she believes her mother’s Twitter account hacked and the hackers posted her private picture on Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet.

She also asked people to stop sending threats and inciting violence to her home (to her mother as people are demanding that Kellyanne Conway should be arrested for putting her daughter’s inappropriate picture on Twitter fleet). Claudia Conway asked people to stop calling the authorities in her matter.

“Please Stop calling the authorities because it only hurts us. More than it helps us, making threats and what not is putting my safety at risk and putting me in danger. I get that you are trying to help me. But putting my family in danger mean putting me in danger. Please stop with that and we gonna handle this privately.”

Claudia said in her TikTok video

Later on, in the comments under her TikTok videos, Claudia emphasizes she is not being forced to make these videos.

Claudia Conway asks people to stop asking authorities to arrest her mother for posting her photo on Twitter fleet

“Just please guys I know this seems really weird but to keep me safe just please listen,” Claudia said in the comment under her TikTok video.

When a fan asked in the comments if she made these videos by force from her family, Claudia answered: “it’s not. Please guys please don’t spread this because it hurts me more than it helps me.” See the Screenshot, below.

Claudia Conway responds to fans' comments

More comments from Claudia Conway’s TikToks videos. See the Screenshots, below.

Comments under Claudia Conway's TikTok video explaining the situation after her mother leaked her picture on Twitter story
More comments by Claudia Conway

Claudia Conway currently has 1.3 million followers to her TikTok account.

Background of Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet picture showing Claudia Conway

Claudia Conway is in the news since last week when she shared a series of TikTok videos showing her mother of being harsh, abusive and violent with her.

Claudia accused her mother Kellyanne Conway for taking her mobile phone and other communication gadgets away from her. She also said that CPs are not taking action against her mother because she is too much power.

Since then, people are demanding authorities to arrest Kellyanne Conway who was ex-counsellor to former president Trump.

But the situation became even worst when a private photo of Claudia Conway appeared on Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet (a story feature of Twitter similar to Instagram stories where media disappears automatically after 24 hours of its posting).

People suspect that Kellyanne Conway leaked her daughter Claudia Conway’s selfie picture to emotionally blackmail her and she should be arrested for doing so as Claudia is just a child (16-year-old) and her mother is promoting C.P.

Until this moment, Kellyanne Conway hasn’t responded whether she posted her daughter’s picture on Twitter fleet intentionally or her Twitter account was hacked by someone who leaked Claudia picture.

Who is Kellyanne Conway

Born on January 20, 1967 (age 54 years), Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway is an American pollster, political consultant and pundit who served as Senior Counselor to the President in the administration of Donald Trump from 2017 to 2020.