Coldworld100 video on Twitter – Full video by Coldworld100 on Twitter explained

Coldworld100 trends on social media after posting a strange video on Twitter

Twitter user Coldworld100 trends after Posting a strange and disgusting video on his Twitter page. TikTok users are curious to know more about Coldworld100 Twitter account and the video he posted as many TikTok videos suggested users to look it up. Keep reading and we will explain all about Twitter user “Coldworld100” and the video he shared.


According to details, “Coldworld100 Twitter video” appeared on Google’s trending page after several TikTok videos suggested users to go on Twitter and look for a video shared by Twitter user “Coldworld100”.

Many people rushed to Twitter in order to find about the viral video. However, after watching the purported video, they advised their fellow TikTok users not to go for the “Coldworld100 Twitter video.”

Who is Coldworld100 on Twitter and What is Coldworld100 Video

A Twitter user “Itsacoldword” who comes by Twitter handle “@Coldworld100” recently going viral for a video he shared back in May 2021. Coldworld100 has only 860 followers on Twitter. However, the purported video has received over 114,000 views so far.

The viral Coldworld100 video shows a girl giving head to a man while on a video call with her boyfriend. The video duration is only 13 seconds but it went viral because of the fact that how a girl can be so brave to cheat her boyfriend so openly.

Identity of the girl in the viral video is yer unknown as her face was not totally visible in the video. The man, who was seen getting head, was completely hidden from the camera.

Due to the nature of the purported, we can’t upload it here. However, You Can watch Coldworld100 Twitter video complete by going on this link. (WARNING: NSFW Content).

Twitter has been flooded with memes and trolling reactions over the Coldworld100 Twitter video.

A Twitter user commented on the video and wrote: “Theres stuff like this and people expect us to trust them automatically 😕.”

“Bro on ft😳 she should’ve just broke up with him,” wrote another user.

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