One student died from 8 injured in the Shooting at STEM school Colorado. According to details, 2 Students from A science school in Denver started shooting at their 8 fellow students during the Lunch Time Tuesday.

Shooting at School in Colorado
The students of STEM school being rescued after shooting incident.

The Local Sharif said in his statement “It is with extreme sadness that we can confirm that 1 student at the STEM School was killed in today’s #STEMshooting incident.

Police Took 2 Students  ( allegedly the shooters ) into Custody. The motive behind is unknown yet. Local Sharif said It could be lot wost but School authorities quickly called the police. Luckily the Sharif station is near just a block away from the school. Police arrived on the scene within 2 minutes and took control of the situation.

Parents and close relatives of the students were informed immediately.

Police told that they heard gunshots when they arrived. There was also a struggle going on Between people from the school and the shooters. A man called on a local radio station and told that an alleged shooter enters into his Son’s classroom and opened fire on the class. Some students from the class attempted to disarm him also.


Students and their parents shared their experiences with NBC news.

 The STEM school has around 1800 Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Pictures of the students taken on the seen shows how afraid the students were after the incident.


Colorado School Shooting
Teachers trying to Cover the students of STEM SCHOOL After the shooting
Shooting at School in Colorado USA
Parents after the Shooting incident at school in Colorado

STEM SHOOTING Colorado shooting incident

Public Reactions After the Shooting at School in Colorado 

Once again after the sad incident of shooting at the school people start discussion about Gun Controls and related laws. This is not the first incident of shooting at a school. 20 years ago the Colombian school shooting happened just 7 miles away from STEM school where it happens now. Here is how people reacting after the shooting incident at the school in Colorado.

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