Connell Twins Only-fans video went viral on social media. Netizens are widely sharing the viral Only-fans video and talking about the leaked video of Connell twins (Two sisters Christy and Carly, Indonesian/Australians). Watch the video, below.

Video: Connell Twins Onlyfans video and their response

The viral video shows both sisters performing an unnatural and inappropriate Act which is why the viral video sparked controversy and a wave of criticism on them.

The purported video which they sold on their Only-fans account (an online platform where Social media celebrities and models charge a subscription fee from their fans in order to allow them to their private content), leaked on Twitter by one of their fans who captured the video using Screen mirroring application after buying subscription of their Onlyfans account.


People were trolling both sisters while sharing the Screenshots from their Onlyfans leaked video. Many of their fans were disgusted after watching their leaked video. See the tweets, below.

I just saw the Connell Twins and….

Connell Twins Responded to their Only-fans Viral Video

After staying silent for several days, Christy and Carly finally spoke regarding their leaked video that netizens called the incestuous relationship. They admitted that the video was not fake but it is not strange for them and for the people of Australia where they are currently living.

“The video was not intended for the Indonesian society, Connell Twins said in a video message.”

“Well if you know all the big artists, everybody here is doing it. You want to say we are desperate, no baby… I know that in Indonesia this is a new thing. But abroad, this is normal, Carly wrote on her Instagram Story on Saturday, August 8, 2020.”


“And, I don’t care about what you say. You think we’re wrong, but it’s legal guys. We can do it because we’re 18. Let me tell you, our fans, our subscribers are equally Australian and also American. We don’t want to reach Indonesian audiences, she added.”

Christy stated that they created the OnlyFans account because the results obtained from selling photos and videos were very promising.

“Let’s try it because our friends can make a hundred million a day, do you understand? Christy explained.”


“And also for those who spread it, it’s really stupid. I don’t understand why they leaked it. Maybe the lack of education in Indonesia or they don’t understand the law, Terms and conditions. You can’t share, or copy anything, you don’t own,” including the girl who lives in Australia, Christy added.”

Update: Connell Twins Do “Big Bank Challenge”, video goes viral

During the past few weeks, Buss it challenge (Bussitchallenge) was viral all over TikTok and many creators like Santana Slim gone too far while doing Buss it challenge.

Recently, a new TikTok challenge viral on social media is “Big Bank challenge.”


TikTok creators are sharing their dance videos with the caption “small waist pretty face with a big bank” on TikTok.

The big bank challenge is gaining attention of thousands and more and more challenge videos are emerging on social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.

Following the Big Bank challenge trend, Connell Twins also performed a Big Bank challenge and their video gone viral on TikTok and Twitter. Watch the viral video of Connell Twins, doing Big Bank challenge, below.



Connell Twins are identical twin sisters (Christy Connell and Carly Connell). Christy and her sister are Australian-Indonesians and have lived in Canberra, Australia. She is five minutes younger than Carly; they also have an older brother.

Twin sisters who have earned hundreds of thousands of fans on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. On the former, they are known for dance, lip-sync videos. 


On Instagram, they have three accounts, one combine and two individuals.

Christy Connell has 510K followers on her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Carly Connell has 503K followers on her Instagram account.


Connell Twins have a combined Instagram account with username ‘theconneltwins12’ which has 178K followers.

The twins did a two-part short video series where they parodied the box office hit It.

They have TikTok account with 510,000 followers and 444,000 likes. Their TikTok account ID is @theconneltwins.



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