Corruption of Rs 34 Billion In Lahore Metro project has been identified in the report of Auditor General. According to details, the Lahore metro project was estimated for Rs 29 Billion but PMLN government accused of irregularities of Rs 34 Billion in the project.

Corruption of Rs 34 Billion in Lahore metro project
Image: Public News.

Auditor General has issued a shocking report regarding irregularities of PMLN government in Lahore metro project. The project was worth of 29 Billion but irregularities exceed 34 billion. A project of 30.84 billion started without approval from the executive committee of the National economic council. But they didn’t provide the record of 1.55 billion and 970 million rupees in the contract of the project. Rs 310 million was paid on bases of wrong calculations. In the contracts of Accelerators Rs 163 million was paid against PEPRA rules.

The report also revealed that the PMLN government didn’t fulfil the requirements of Environmental safety during this project. They were using public Parks as workshops and warehouses which spoiled the environment of Lahore city. The report says that without a huge subsidy the Lahore metro project is useless for the public and will not able to run regularly. That is another burden on the treasury. Read This News In Urdu.

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