Elderly Mother got beaten by her son

Karachi: A cruel Son Beats His Elderly Mother to Encroach the house which she bought by paying her whole life’s earning. The son wants his mother to leave the house. In order to throw her out, He beats her until she has to leave the house. But the mother still has words of prayers for her son “May ALLAH guide him to the right path”.

Video of Poor mother facing worst face of her son

Karachi: 70 Years old Firdous Bebi temporarily residing in an under-construction house in the street presently. The owner of the house just happened to find her when he visited the house to see the construction work progress.

He found her scared, weeping and shivering by the fear, asking him to leave because if her son would come back and find her telling anyone about his brutal attitude. Firdous Bebi told the man that her son Chaman Sharif son of Muhammad Sharif has beaten her several times on a daily basis. But this time his brutality gone beyond her Endurance. The son hit Firdous Bebi by Crutches on her knees and now she is unable to walk because of pain.

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The son wants her to leave the house for him. But she says that she has daughters and granddaughter, where she could go with these girls. Her temporary home is not enough to occupy her daughters and granddaughter. Firdous Bebi also told that she paid all of the prices of that home from which she has been pushed out by her son.

Offering his help the man asked the poor mother that if she wants him to do anything against her son and help her to get back her house. But she replied, “No I just want the GOD to show him right path”.

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