CTD policeman shoots doctor at Karachi’s NICVD
Image of CTD Policeman ‘Kamran’

A policeman working with the Counter Terrorism Department shot a doctor at Karachi’s NICVD Wednesday night.

Video: A young doctor Got injured in NICVD after CTD Policeman shot him twice in his legs

He has since been arrested and is in police custody. The victim, Dr Fahad, was shot twice in the foot.

CTD In Charge Raja Umar Khitab said the suspect has been identified as Kamran was posted at the CTD in Civil Lines. He indicated that he was suffering from psychological issues.

Kamran had been sick for the past few days and visited the NICVD a day earlier where he got into a fight with the staff for not wearing a face mask.

He arrived at the CTD office after opening fire at the hospital and was taken into custody. He is currently in the custody of the Saddar police.


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