Cuban Doll leaked video with Tadeo and her reaction accusing Moneybag Yo and his girlfriend Ari
Cuban Doll accuses Moneybag Yo and his girlfriend Ari for leaking her private video with her ex-boyfriend Tadeo

Earlier last week, 22-Year-old Dallas based rapper, Cuban Doll aka Aaliyah Keef (Also known as Cuban Da Savage) came on the highlights after her private video with her ex-boyfriend Tadeo, leaked on social media and in WhatsApp groups.

Cuban Doll leaked video created sensation on the internet and people were widely searching for her leaked video. See the video, below.

Cuban Doll Leaked video and her reaction after her leaked video became viral.

The Cuban Doll leaked video shows Tadeo piping Cuban Doll down while she screams. It was 45 seconds long video which was shared Atta massive social media users. You can watch her complete video on Twitter, shared by some user.


At the first instant when video became viral, people thought it was Moneybagg Yo and his girlfriend ‘Ari’ in the video. Some People started tagging Moneybagg Yo on the Twitter. He was annoyed and asked people to stop tagging him in the video. “Stop tagging me in that s***. Y’all stupid as hell that ain’t us, Moneybagg Yo said in a tweet Responding to the people who were tagging him in Cuban Doll leaked video.

Response of Cuban Doll over her leaked Video

After the massive amount of comments and gossips from her fans, Cuban Doll came on Instagram Live and accused Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend ‘Ari’ for leaking her s*x tape. She was all upset because her family will see the video and they wil feel embarrassed after watching it.


Accusing Ari, Cuban Doll has been quoted as saying: “That b**** Ari, okay, you’re so happy that you got a tape of me Tadoe f***in from last year on my birthday or whatever and I was drunk. I don’t give a f***. It’s effecting my nieces and nephews, they gotta see that. They gotta get on the internet and see their auntie. You feel what I’m saying? That’s the only really thing I just really care about it. My Daddy.. my family gotta see that.”

“The b**** has been holding the video over my head for about six months now. Like ‘I’mma gonna post the video, I’mma post the video’…and I said ‘Go ahead!’” Cuban Doll continued. “I don’t give a f***. But she took the video out of Tadoe’s phone. Congratulations, b***. You f***ing played yourself… You can’t do s*** like that. Ari – you a lame a** b****, She further added during her Instagram live broadcast.”

Taking revenge from Ari for leaking her video, Cuban doll later posted some private pictures and videos of Ari on her Instagram story. The pictures and videos of Ari were so inappropriate that they lead to deletion of Cuban Doll’s Instagram account because of Instagram’s Policy’s violation.


While she posted Ari’s private pictures and videos on her Instagram story, many of her fans took Screenshots and recorded them and later shared in Twitter. Here are Ari’s leaked pictures and videos which Cuban Doll posted on her Instagram story.



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