India Revoked Article 35A and Article 370 of Indian constitution. These 2 articles were giving special status to Indian occupied Kashmir even though Kashmiris were still living under the shadow of fear. But according to these two articles, non-Kashmiris were not allow to buy lands in Kashmir. Since past week India is deploying hundreds of thousands troops on the streets of Kashmir to stop the anger and reactions of Kashmiri people. A curfew has been implemented and All networks has been cut off since Monday. One Hindu boy who escaped from Kashmir tells the Current Situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Current situation in Jammu and Kashmir

According to the boy, current situation is highly intense. He spent whole week hiding in an hotel and was unable to walk on the streets. Kashmiri people are very angry and their anger could turn over Indian soldiers deployed their, boy added. He fears that After Eid when Curfew will be lift off, situation in Kashmir will get worst because people will express their reactions on taking their rights away from them. A rise in human rights violations is certain because now Political leadership of Kashmir which was supporting Indian government is also under house arrest and seems to turn against Indian aggression.

Modi government is planning to change the demographics of Kashmir by allowing non-Kashmiri people buy lands and business in the valley.

Current Situation in Kashmir
A Kashmiri man stones Indian Army’s vehicle in Kashmir valley.

Kashmir is the only majority Muslim state under Indian occupation but it is also most militarized reagon in the world. Until date, total of 800,000 Indian soldiers are deployed in Jammu and Kashmir. But since last 7 decades, Kashmiri people are resisting against occupation and for their right of self-determination.