Imran Khan Suggests the Death penalty for child rapist and killers.

Child Abuse is getting worst issue in Pakistan. During the past years, horrific incidents of child abuse happened. Hundreds were not reported because of shame and social pressures. But the sad thing is that even reported and investigated incidents didnot lead to any major punishment which could correct this behaviour of child abuse.

Update: National Assembly Approves the Death Penalty For Raping and killing a child.

Just in the past week, a Ten years old girl Farishta Mohmand was raped then killed brutally. Zainab case and other many are already on the list. The main reason behind growing incidents of child abuse is lack of severe punishments and awareness. During the yesterday’s cabinet meeting, prime minister of Pakistan showed concerns over this issue.

Along with many measures of providing awareness to the kids at the school level, prime minister Imran Khan propsed a death penalty for the convicts of child abuse. Imran Khan given instructions to initiate legislation process as soon as possible. Also watch: 20 Years Old Girl Married with 60 Years old man.

After a long wait and strong opposition from even government ministers, on February 07, 2020, national assembly has approved the death penalty for raping and killing a child.


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