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    Denmark Amusement Park Rollercoaster Video – 14-year-old girl dies after tragic accident in Tivoli Friheden Aarhus

    Girl died at Aarhus amusement park Rollercoaster accident

    Denmark, Aarhus Amusement park Rollercoaster video: After a tragic accident in the ride Cobraen in Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, a 14-year-old girl has died, while a 13-year-old boy has sustained injuries. This is not the first time that a serious accident has occurred in this particular ride.

    Almost 14 years ago, a study by the company Force Technology showed that the Cobra roller coaster was born with serious faults – faults that were subsequently rectified.

    According to details, in Denmark, a 14-year-old girl from Copenhagen died on Thursday afternoon after a tragic accident at Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus. The girl’s parents have been notified, the East Jutland Police wrote in a press release.
    Video of Denmark Amusement park Rollercoaster accident explained

    The accident took place in the Cobra amusement park. A 13-year-old boy has also sustained injuries to one hand, police say.

    At 12.50, a report was received here that a car was stuck in a ride, which put several people in a pinch. The East Jutland Fire Brigade subsequently informed Ritzau that three people were trapped and taken to hospital.

    According to the park’s director Henrik Ragborg Olsen, the people were trapped at a height of two to three meters.

    “The rear two seats in a wagon train are broken by the rest of the wagon train and hang down under the wagon train,” he told Århus Stiftstidende , as the condition of the injured boy was not yet known.

    Photo of Tivoli Friheden cobra entrance in Aarhus, Denmark

    Tivoli Friheden’s visitors have been asked to leave the area and the amusement park is closed for the rest of the day.

    Photo of Tivoli Friheden Cobra amusement park's rollercoaster after the accident
    After a fatal accident in the Cobra amusement park, Tivoli Friheden’s guests were asked to leave the amusement park on Thursday afternoon. Photo: Jan Dagø / Ritzau Scanpix.

    This is not the first time that an accident has occurred in the 25-meter-high roller coaster, which can run up to 70 kilometers per hour.

    Back in 2008, four people were seriously injured in the Cobra when the front carriage with two seats broke off and crashed to the ground. At the time, the accident meant the ride was closed for several months while the ride was being investigated.

    The study by the company Force Technology showed almost 14 years ago that the roller coaster was born with serious faults. Bolt joints and wheel suspensions were not strong enough to withstand the loads the slide was subjected to when in operation.

    The exact cause of the accident, including the death, must now be investigated via technical investigations and witness interviews.

    According to the East Jutland Police, an investigation at large scales is currently underway.

    Earlier this year, a similar incident happened in Orlando where a 14-year-old boy died in a similar accident at a Rollercoaster ride.

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