What Is Depression | Causes and Symptoms


Do you know What is Depression? Symptoms and Causes :

Depression which is also known as the depressive disorder is a very alarming medical illness which results in a continuous feeling of sadness and loss of interest in everyday routine. Many people don’t consider it a disease and ignore this health disorder which turned into a variety of emotional and physical problems. But good thing is that it is curable. Proper treatment by medication psychotherapy is essential to get rid of this manic because depression is a very complex disease.





Depression can cause anger
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People feel anger even over very small matters. They feel irritation or frustration without any major reason.

2. Sadness:

Depression and sadness
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Sadness is a normal human emotion. It makes the feeling of disadvantage, loss, grief, helplessness, disappointment etc. Yes, it is normal because in our life some events occur that made us sad but if this sadness prevail for a long time then this is a depression.

3. Sleeping disorder:

Sleeping disorder is symptom of depression
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Good sleep is necessary for the human body and human health. At least 8 hours sleep is necessary for an adult. If person ability to sleep well on regular basis disturb due to stress this is the result of depression


4. Less interest in social Activities: 

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A patient of depression loss in interest social activities. The lack of contact between an individual and society. He wants to live alone. Person loss in outing and hobbies.

5. Lack of energy:

Lack of energy is depression

Lack of energy and tiredness on a very small task. The patient feels Unexplained body problems such as back pain or headaches, slow thinking ability, speaking or body moments. Depression is shown by anxiety, restlessness which reduces weight and some time craving for food. It may also cause physical complaints and does not respond to any medical treatment.

6. Outbursts:

Depression makes cry.
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Patients fell higher level of sadness that very little things make him easily crying. It feels so sensitive in behaviour. Moreover difficulty concentrating on work and reducing academic performance.

Causes of Depression:

1. Grief and Loss:

If a person losses the loved ones it may go to the feeling of grief. Troubling sleeping loss of interest and pleasure in life, reducing activities of normal life are the symptoms of grief that is the major cause of depression.


2. Stressful Life events:

Life is not a bed of roses. We face a lot of difficulties and a big incident in our life. Even good events such as getting married, starting a new job may lead to depression. Events which overwhelmed a person able to cope may be a cause of depression.

3. Use of Drugs:

Frequent and successive use of drugs and alcohol also contribute to a major cause of depression.

4. Physical Health Constraints:

Physical health is very necessary for mental health because of a sound mind in a sound body.
Mind and body interconnected with one another. Physical health problems may result in a change in your mental health.
The feeling of stress having a chronic illness is a major cause of depression.

5. Poor Diet:

Deficiencies of a variety of vitamin and mineral are caused by depression. If proper diet to the body not provided it cause loss of energy which is also a cause of this disease.


6. Genetics:

A family history of depression may increase the chance of this illness. There are many different genes that contribute to disease risk.

By: Ayesha Malik

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Note: I am not a doctor. Information posted here are for general knowledge and awareness. All data/information collected by different sources and research. In case you doubt about any irregularity in your health/ Feelings , it is advisable that You take guidance from doctor.


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