DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor signals to Surprise India once Again like they did in February 2019. In a tweet on his personal Twitter account @peaceforchange, Maj General Asif Ghafoor said ” best strategy or plan is not that which enemy can predict. Best is the one which surprises the enemy“. DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor means it as Pakistan army adopted the best strategy in the near past also when they shot down Indian fighter jets, destroyed their frontline artillery positions, dropped bombs near their field headquarters and won the favour of the world without engaging in a full-scale battle.

Tweet of major General Asif Ghafoor.

He also added, ” also, a successful strategy is the one which increases options every next step, not the one which is otherwise”.

Back in February 2019, Pakistan army has adopted the strategy as Asif Ghafoor quoted in his Tweets. Pakistan showed patience when Indian fighter jets entered Balakot and then ran off after dropping payloads in the forest. Then they hit the Indian Army at very next day and hit that hard. Later on, after proving their capacity, they won the front on global political aspects by releasing an Indian pilot which was captured. So they showed the world “We want peace but if someone will dare, we will surprise him”.

Video source: Haqeeqat Tv

Tensions between India and Pakistan are again at the highest levels. India Revoked Article 35A and Article 370 of the Indian constitution which gives special status to Indian occupied Kashmir. India has also increased his military strength in Kashmir to Express the protests and reactions of Kashmiri people. Human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir have increased in the last 4 weeks. People of Pakistan are restless and want Pakistan army to invade Kashmir and fight conventionally against India.

But Military commanders of Pakistan Army are planing something else which might surprise India once Again. On one side, Prime minister Imran Khan is making global moves to gain the support of the International community and Global powers over Kashmir issue. On other hands, Pakistan Army is planing 2nd blow to India like the one Indian Naval Cheif expressed yesterday. Tweet of major General Asif Ghafoor at the midnight could be the signal of that.

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