Posters in Kashmir

Srinagar: Director General Inter-services Public Relations Asif Ghafoor’s Posters pop-up in Kashmir. According to details Several Posters appeared on the street of Srinagar Kashmir with a picture of DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor and citing “We will fight for Freedom of Kashmir till last bullet and last soldier”.

DG ISPR's Posters pop-up in SriNagar, Indian occupied Kashmir

Kashmiri Freedom Leaders and activist announced in the posters that Kashmir is a heaven on the earth and People of Kashmir would together push India out of their homeland. Furthermore, a rally in the support of the Pakistan army was carried out on the streets of Kashmir despite the Curfew in Valley.

Indian media reacted hysterically on the posters in Kashmir. The “India Today” a top News Channel in India said, “Pakistan Needles in Kashmir by putting these posters in the presence of so large number of Indian Army on the streets of Occupied Kashmir”. Blaming the ISI once again, They said: “Pak Agents put Anti-India posters in Kashmir“. The “India Today also called these posters as “Pak’s Brazen provocation against India”.

Posters in Kashmir. VIDEO BY India Today

After revealing these posters there was a massive crackdown by Indian security forces throughout the valley. They also removed the posters from the whole valley but pictures of those posters have been viral on social media already. Pakistani social media users started trolling Indians with pictures of these posters in Kashmir and called it “Ghar me Ghuss Kar Maarna” which means that we will hit you inside your home.

Posters in Kashmir Pop-up But Kashmir Valley is Still under Curfew

People of Kashmir are still under siege since 5 August 2019 when India revoked special status of Jammu and Kashmir. They are cut off from the rest of the world as Indian army jamming all cellular networks for a month. International media and human rights activists were already pushed out of Jammu and Kashmir before India’s action of revoking Article 370 and Article 35A. It seems that India is trying to change the demographics in Kashmir.

A steep rise in human rights violations was observed in this year but more stressing is that India’s extremist Hindu group RSS is planing a complete ethnic cleansing in Indian occupied Kashmir. Indian Army has already killed 95,238 Civilians in Kashmir Since 1989-2018.

Pakistan is urging the international community and global powers to intervene in Kashmir dispute as it can lead to a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. In his recent article to the New York Times, Prime minister Imran wrote: ” World Can’t Ignore Kashmir, It is dangerous for all“. Pakistan and India have already gone for a War on Kashmir Issue for 4 times.


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