Diablo Immortal: these are the different Battle Passes and their features


In Diablo Immortal we embark again on an adventure against ancestral evils in which to spend hours and hours so it is necessary to talk at this point about the Battle Pass. If you are a frequent player, you will be interested in knowing all the details and therefore, in the following guide, we tell you all the information about the different options and their prices. Don’t miss it!

This is photo of Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal: these are the different Battle Passes and their features

First of all, in order to access the Battle Pass, we have to unlock it. We achieve this by completing the missions in Ashwold Cemetary and Ashwold Manor until entering the Mad King Gap. This happens during the first few levels of the game, so it doesn’t take long to access the option. From this point, we will have it available.

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Once achieved, we will find two types of passes availablethe free pass and the paid or enhanced pass. The first can be obtained at no cost, while the second costs 4.99 euros. However, there is also a third option that for 14.99 euros serves to unlock all the rewards of the payment instantly.

This is screenshot of Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal

In the free, we can find rewards such as waste materials that serve to improve the armor, handles to buy other objects, enchanted powder to improve the equipment, or Cimera to unlock fissures among others.

This pass has a current duration of 33 days today until the end of the first season, so do not forget to redeem your rewards to take advantage of the service offered by Diablo Immortal and thus be able to advance more quickly in your game.

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