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    Dial-A-Drop – Where is Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

    With the latest weekly update for Fortnite, the Dial-A-Drop and many other new features are now available. The item in question can help players in different ways, making it one of the best additions to Chapter 3, Season 4.

    Dial-A-Drop - Where is Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

    Since it is brand new, few players have yet been able to use it. But because it’s so helpful, you should find one in every match. Here are the places you can do that, along with instructions on how to use the item.

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    How to use Dial-A-Drop in the latest Chapter 3 Season 4 update to Fortnite

    This item is Rare, so that it won’t be found very often. Still, you can look in a few different places.


    First choice: chests

    You can put Dial-A-Drops in chests. They will appear as items that heal or explode/can be thrown. The chest will drop a gun, some ammunition, and a material. The last item could be a Dial-A-Drop.

    Go to a chest and hold down the button to interact with it. The items will also fall out if you break whatever the chest sits on.

    You can find chests everywhere, but most this season are in significant points of interest like Tilted Towers and Rave Cave. Go there and start opening the boxes to see if you can find a Dial-A-Drop in Chapter 3, Season 4.

    Option 2: Floor looting

    You can also find Dial-A-Drops on the floor, where they will be sitting for everyone to see. So, if you see a purple item on the ground nearby, especially one without any ammo next to it, you should go check it out because it’s probably a Dial-A-Drop.


    To get it off the ground this season, walk up to it and pick it up or drop an item for it.

    Option 3: Drop in supply

    Ironically, supply drops can drop Dial-A-Drops, calling for more supply drops. At the end of a match, these fall at random. Check your map to see if you are close when you hear its sound. If so, you can either go to the spot and wait for the supply to drop or shoot it down.

    There’s no guarantee it will have a Dial-A-Drop, but the odds are pretty good.

    How to use a Dial-A-Drop once you have one:

    • You can use the item by firing it like a gun.
    • Ask for a Drop in Health, a Drop in Vehicles, or a Drop in Supplies.
    • Wait until the drop hits the ground.
    • You can open it by doing something to it.

    It will fall to the ground, but you can also shoot it down like a regular supply drop. Whether a modified vehicle or a healing item, the Fortnite thing will fall out, and you can pick it up and use it.


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