• Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet part their ways. 
  • We discuss Rumors about Jason cheating on his wife. 
  • Their fans are reacting to their separation.
Jason Momoa cheat

Jason Momoa Aquaman and actress Lisa Bonet divorced after a long 17-years-relationship. They publicly declared their separation, in a post, on Jason’s Instagram account. They said that the transitions and revolutions are unfolding. The world is bringing about change. We all feel this change amid, and after, the outbreak of covid. And that this change has made them realize that they should part their ways. Well, did Jason Momoa cheat on Lisa?

This partition and separation have been made for the better and in good intentions. Their devotion to each other and their love for their children will not lose their intensity.  

However, pure their intentions are and unwavering their love is. Their separation, nonetheless, has sparked rumors that shall be addressed.

Jason Momoa cheat

Did Jason Momoa cheat on Lisa Bonet? 

Rumors have been circulating on the internet that Jason Momoa cheated on Lisa Bonet. Furthermore, Jason Momoa was found flirting with Amber Heard, the star in Aquaman. Moreover, rumors have it that he had secret affairs with many other women.

Consequently, her wife, Lisa Bonet had to put a curfew on Jason. And he had to return home by certain hour. But there is no proof to support these claims. Hence, baseless these rumors are, these are also absurd.

No doubt Jason is an attractive and a very successful actor. But that doesn’t mean that he had to be unfaithful. While, on the other hand, Jason and Lisa had a good understanding and they still love each other.

Fan reacting to their separation news on twitter 

Jason’s fans are jokingly saying that the Jason will be stormed with marriage proposals as soon as the news goes viral. His close fans are heart-broken hearing their separation.

However, many are happy because they think Jason and Lisa were not a good match.

Moreover, “Jason is available and is back in the market.” 


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