Disney Brawl Video – Magic Kingdom fight video goes viral online

    Disney world brawl video: Fight between two families at magic Kingdom caught on video. Another brawl reportedly broke out at Walt Disney World Resort this week, the second altercation reported at the Florida attraction in recent weeks.

    A Video posted to social media sites such as Twitter and TikTok showed what appeared to be a large fight at the Magic Kingdom inside Fantasyland, behind Cinderella’s Castle, and in front of Peter Pan’s Flight. Fists were flying according to one man who told NewPakWeb he witnessed the incident first-hand. He said he recorded a video of the fight which he shared with us.

    “I do not know what prompted this altercation. We came upon it, and it appeared as though it took about two minutes for two security personnel to arrive. Deputies arrived probably about five minutes after that,” the witness told.

    According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to the park shortly before 7:30 p.m. for the fight, and following an investigation, they arrested three people for misdemeanor battery.

    One man involved reportedly had injuries to his face and EMS responded. The sheriff’s office confirmed one person was taken to a hospital for a minor injury. Watch Disney world brawl video, below.

    WARNING: Images and language in the video below may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised.