Doja Cat and French Montana’s relationship triggers rumors about their love affair


Doja Cat and French Montana’s relationship and the underlying rumors.

  • Are Doja cat and Frech Montana dating? 
  • Did Doja call Montana His Brother? 
  • Why did their trip to Bahamas conjure up the rumours? 
  • We’ll discuss these questions here. 

Are they dating? 

Recently, American singer Doja Cat and rapper French Montana made a trip to Bahamas. Where they undoubtedly had good time together. During their trip, French Montana shared a video on his Instagram account. Video featured their celebration of the birthday of their friend.

It could be seen that French was sitting on a water slide, while Doja was standing beside him. She said to him, “it was nice knowing you.” 

Surely this particular video, which Montana posted, sparked the rumors about their dating among their fans. Their fans have said a lot about their affair on Twitter and Instagram. Many think that they clearly are engaged in a love affair.

Furthermore, this surely is not the first time that such rumours have made their place. Doja Cat and French Montana were seen together in October 2021. People also made assumptions about their dating at that time. 

While the fans were guessing about their affair, Doja has made it clear that they’re not dating. She commented on French’s post by calling him ‘Brother’.

Did Doja call Montana His Brother?

In the following days, Montana posted many pictures of his trip. Of those posts, one featured Montana and Doja Cat in a restaurant. That post was commented on by Doja, wherein she called Montana his brother.

She commented, “Love you, My Brother.” While Montana replied, “Love you more.” Thus, her expression of love has quelled the rumors. She has ascertained that they weren’t dating. And she sees him as his ‘brother’.

Doja Cat and French Montana’s relationship

Why did their trip to Bhamas conjure up the rumors? 

Doja Cat and French Montana’s relationship sparked rumors. Owing to their relation in the past, where they both had been seen together many times. It does not take the fans much time or truth to carve rumors. It’s a part of the lives of eminent personalities.