There are news that Dr Aafia Siddique is coming back to Pakistan after a long imprisonment in United States. Mother of Dr Aafia Siddique gives a very emotional message on her release.

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The mother of Dr Aafia Siddique said that she is thankfull to all the previous governments of Pakistan who came to her and tried for release of Dr Aafia Siddique. But Those who get power, also get wisdom. It depends on the ruler how he use his wisdom.

Dr Aafia Siddique was held in USA for 80 years of imprisonment on the charges of Assault and terrorism. Worldwide protests held in the support of Dr Aafia Siddique, and people were demanding for her release and against torture with her. Also Read: Complete story of Dr Aafia Siddique with all hidden Facts.

Finally with the efforts of Imran Khan’s government ,negotiations held between Taliban and USA. TALIBAN kept first demand of release of Dr Aafia Siddique. The nation and Muslim world is happy on her release. And wishing to see her home soon.




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