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    Dr. Giovanni Quintella video – Brazilian Dr Filmed with Bizarre Act with patient

    • Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra video is going viral on twitter.
    • 32 Year Old Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Was Caught On Camera while performing a bizarre action with his patient who was going under cesarean surgery
    • An assistant of Dr Giovanni Quintella filmed him doing an inappropriate act with the pregnant Woman During A C-Section
    • Dr Giovanni Quintella has been arrested after the video of him emerged on social media
    Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra video twitter. 
32 Y Old Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Was Caught On Camera Raping
DR Raping a pregnant Woman During A C-Section

    Doctors are no more trustable. People believe in Drs and show and tell their secrets to Dr to get rid of any disease and pain. Women who just become a mother bear pain in the labor room and trust Dr that they are their protectors. But Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra shows his trinary and r*ped pregnant women during the AC section. Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra video twitter.



    Dr. Giovanni Quintella Video

    Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, an anesthesiologist, was arrested on suspicion of rape after a hidden camera caught him putting his stick in a woman’s mouth. It is now said that he did the same thing to two other mothers on the same day.

    According to the Daily Mail, Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, was arrested on suspicion of rape after he was allegedly secretly filmed at the Hospital da Mulher in So Joo de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, raping a woman while she was heavily sedated.

    Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra under arrest by police

    The woman’s husband was told to leave the room and couldn’t see his new baby. He didn’t find out what had happened to his wife until he saw the doctor on TV after he was arrested. Delegate Barbara Lomba, who is in charge of looking into the case, said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    The woman told her family that she thought she was seeing things during the attack. Just two months ago, Mr. Bezerra finished his training in anesthesia as a doctor.


    Staff at the hospital were worried about how much medicine he was giving to his patients, so they put a hidden camera on him to see what he was up to. They were shocked to see him s*xually assaulting the woman while other doctors gave her a C-section a few feet away behind a curtain. He allegedly beat her up for nearly ten minutes.

    But the staff members who recorded the rape said that the doctor had already done two similar procedures that day. Police are now looking into whether the other two women were also attacked.


    Employees said that during the second surgery on Sunday, Giovanni wore an open cloak, which made him look bigger and stood in a way that kept anyone from seeing the patient from the neck up.

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    Dr. Giovanni Quintella – video explained

    In the video, we saw that the Drs are busy doing the surgery on the woman, But Dr. Giovanni was standing near the women’s face and trying to put his stick in the women’s mouth. But the Dr luck doesn’t work and he caught the hidden camera now he has to face the consequences.

    Everyone on Twitter starts criticizing the Dr after seeing the leaked video of Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra video Twitter. You can also watch the video by clicking the link


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