It’s heartbreaking news that a young girl Dua Mangi gets kidnapped in Karachi and her friend Haris Fatah is left seriously injured by a gunshot on his neck. Women with proper hijaab aren’t even safe at the most holy and sacred place, yet some have the audacity to blame the dressing for their kidnapping, rape and harassment.

Dua Mangi  gets kidnapped in Karachi
Image: Dua Mangi and Haris Fatah

Dua Mangi has been abducted from near Chai Master Khayabane Bukhari DHA Karachi by four men who shot her friend HarisFatah who is in critical condition. Her family has made an appeal for help. On social Media huge campaign start demanding justice and Early recovery of Dua Mangi.

Dua Mangi cousin Tweet
Social activist Jibran Nasir Tweet


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