Eight Israeli F-16 Fighter Jets Drowned in flood Water
Image: Twitter

Israeli media reported that Eight of Israeli F-16 Fighter Jets Drowned in flood Water during the recent heavy rains and flood at the beginning of January 2020. Israeli Defence Force (IDF) Confirmed on January 12, 2020, that they have failed to prevent the flood water entering in am underground hanger where all the damaged F-16 fighter Jets were parked. Watch more details in the video, below.

Video of Israeli F-16 fighter jets floating inside floodwater. Eight F-16 of Israeli Air Force were damaged in floodwater after heavy rains in Israel During the first week of January 2020.

Israeli Defence Force (IDF) further explained that all of Eight F-16 Fighter Jets were parked inside an underground hanger of an undisclosed Air Base in southern Israel. In the results of heavy rains in Israel during the first week of January, the flood was so massive that it killed 9 people in Israel on January 5, 2020.

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F-16 Of Israeli Air force drowned in flood water.

“Heavy Rainstorm in Israel has flooded underwater hangers of Israeli Air Force (IAF), causing major damage to eight F16 C/D aircraft of Squadron 101 and Squadron 105 stationed in Haztor Air Base. The aircraft, however, will be repaired and will rejoin IAF. But Repairing will cost Israel in millions of dollars, A report explained.”

An Israeli F-16 sinking in floodwater.

Several pictures of Israeli F-16 shared on social media show that the fighter jets are floating inside the rainwater. Social media users made fun of the failure of the Israeli Air force (IAF) which resulted in the damage of eight F-16.

Watch the public reactions on drowned Israeli F-16 fighter jets, below.





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