EPD445 Meat Picture and messages to 13-year-old Go Viral – EPD Allegations and Leaked Chat

  • YouTuber EPD445 trends after a meat picture of him along with leaked messages emerged on social media
  • YouTuber Bryant Moreland, professionally known as EPD445, Faces backlash for sending his meat picture and inappropriate messages to a fake 1313-year-old girl
  • EPD445 was caught in a sting operation by another YouTuber Alex Rosen, YouTube channel Chet Goldstein, while sending inappropriate messages and meat picture to a fake 1313-year-old girl
  • YouTube channel, EPD445 and Chet Goldstein, have been banned from YouTube following the EPD445’s meat picture and grooming allegations
EPD445 meat picture and leaked messages appeared on Reddit and Twitter on April 26, 2021
Image via Twitter

EPD445’s meat picture and EPD’s leaked chat goes viral on social media. EPD meat picture and leaked messages appeared on Reddit and Twitter on April 26, 2021.

YouTuber Bryant Moreland, professionally known as EPD445, which stands for “eat dat pu—,” faces backlash after the Screenshots of his messages to a 13-year-old girl and his meat picture surfaced online.

According to details, on April 26, 2021, Twitter went into a frenzy after a meat picture of EPD445 and several Screenshots of EPD’s chat with a 13-year-old surfaced online.

EPD’s alleged leaked messages show he is grooming a 13-year-old.

The leaked Screenshot shows EPD offering to show the girl his meat picture. See the Screenshot, below.

Screenshot of EPD445 messages and the meat picture
Image via Twitter

Purported screenshot shows EPD engaged in an inappropriate conversation with the alleged victim. The messages reveal EPD offered the victim to show his meat and asked him to keep this conversation secret. Girl agrees to see his meat and promises to keep the conversation between them.

EPD then sends her the picture of his meat. It was revealed that the purported Screenshots belong to a sting operation in which the alleged 13-year-old girl was fake and it was actually another YouTuber Alex Rosen, known for filming these “stings.”

You can see EPD445’s meat picture on Twitter here.

EDP445 sent inappropriate messages and his meat picture to someone he believed was a minor

On Monday, April 19, 2021, a YouTube channel Chet Goldstein, run by a man named Alex Rosen, livestreamed chat logs from what Rosen said was a conversation between Moreland and a decoy named Sophie. The channel is known for similar “stings,” setting up meetings online with men who appear to believe they are interacting with underaged girls. Rosen also has a controversial online presence, posting other videos using racist language.

Rosen said he set up multiple fake Instagram profiles, including one of a 13-year-old girl, and messaged Moreland on his verified account.

Alexandra, a friend of Rosen’s who posed as decoys for other stings, read through the messages she said were shared between Moreland and the fake account. In the two-hour live stream, Alexandra also said Moreland sent explicit videos and photos that could not be shown because of YouTube policies against sexually explicit imagery. 

The purported conversation started on Instagram in February, with Moreland giving the decoy his private number, according to screenshots shown in the video. Moreland sent several sexual messages, according to the video. The conversation ended with the pair agreeing to meet.

The next day, on Tuesday, the Chet Goldstein channel posted an hour-long video confronting Moreland. Rosen and YouTuber CC Unit — who goes by Ghost and is known for conducting his own pedophile stings in California on YouTube — approached Moreland with pictures of the purported messages.

“I’ve gotten messages from my supporters asking me to look into EDP to see what I could do,” Ghost said in an interview with Insider. “He sent a lot of graphic things, he sent photos, he sent videos, he sent a whole bunch of stuff we knew we could nail him on.”

In the video, Moreland said he fantasizes about women “under the age of 16” and in the past, he’s talked to six other girls. He also said the screenshots were of his messages.

“Let it be known I’m not a pedophile,” Moreland said, looking into the camera. “My mom did not raise a f—ing pedophile, I know what the screenshots say.” 

The video ends with Moreland going to his car as Rosen says he’s calling the Bakersfield Sheriff’s Department. Rosen said that he “followed up a few days later and left a message for a detective.”


An update today on April 28, revealed that EDP445 and the guy who exposed him, Chet Goldstein, have both been banned from YouTube. EDP was caught on video trying to meet up with 13 year old girl.

Twitter Reacts to EPD445 Meat Picture and leaked Messages

As the Meat picture of EPD and leaked messages emerged on social media, Twitter users were quick to react with funny memes and trolling comments.


A Twitter user shared a funny meme and wrote: “Chet Goldstein being outed as a creep after exposing EDP445 for being a pedophile.”

See more reactions over EPD’s meat picture and leaked messages.


Who is EPD445

YouTube star named Bryant Moreland who is known for his channel EDP445, where he has gained more than 2 million subscribers posting content related to the Philadelphia Eagles. He is from Los Angeles, California.

Before getting famous on YouTube, EPD445 used to work at Wal Mart. He started posting to YouTube in July 2010.