EVERY SINGLE DUTCHAVELLI DM (Direct messages) Leaked on IG, Grooming 14-year-old ft. Drake, Fredo, Digga D, Aitch, SteffLon Don, Russ

Dutchavelli leaked Instagram dms, direct messages.

British Rapper Dutchavelli currently facing criticism after his Instagram DMs (Direct messages) which he sent to a 14-year-old girl, appeared online. Dutchavelli was dm’ing (Sending direct messages) 14-year-old teens then tried blagging it as family blokes fucked his name up, Mitcham man vibes nonces everywhere man.

Video: Every single Dutchavelli leaked Instagram dms (Direct messages)

A number of DMs and voicenotes have been leaked from drill artist Dutchavelli’s Instagram account, including exchanges with Aitch, Teezandos and Drake.

Dutchavelli first appears to ask Aitch his opinion on whether he should get rapper Meekz “punched up”, after the rapper reportedly asked to work with him. We presume Dutchavelli has messaged Aitch regarding Meekz due to beef that the two Manchester rappers have had in the past. Aitch then responded, advising Dutch to calm the situation.

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This is high school flirting by Dutchavelli and Teezandos.

Many Twitter users have stated their admiration for Aitch’s diplomatic skills.

I’m dead dutch wanted the green light to get meekz smacked in and aitch said na. That’s a good guy there most would say go ahead.

— Block Poppa (@GenericNigga) November 20, 2020

In another hilarious leaked DM, Aitch appears to speak in a Patois accent to Dutchavelli.

As expected, Twitter had a lot to say after hearing that voice note.

Another leaked DM from Dutch’s Instagram involved rapper Teezandos, implying some form of relationship between the two. She had a lot to say about how the rapper treated her.


Many Twitter users were shocked over this news, largely due to the large age gap between the artists (around ten years).

The rappers’ DM thread with Drake was also leaked, one voice note talking about how much of an inspiration he is to Dutchavelli whilst ‘God’s Plan’ plays in the background.

Twitter users were quick to make fun of how the Canadian rapper has appeared to air Dutch on many occasions.

Stephan Fabulous Allen, better known by his stage name Dutchavelli, is a British rapper and songwriter. His name comes in part from the fact that he and his family spent their formative years in Rotterdam, and he initially went under the name ‘Dutch’.