Expel All Who Offend Muslims in Our Lands, RSS Assaults are Unacceptable

Arab citizens demand ban RSS and expel Indian expatriates from Arab Gulf states
Image: Screengrab from Ahmed Al Mulla YouTube with Thanks.

“Expel all who offend us (Muslims) on our land. The Strike and Assault exercised by RSS group against Muslims in India is unacceptable, Kuwaiti Journalist Mohammed Ahmed Al Mulla urged gulf citizens to stand with Muslims in India.”

The strike and assault exercised by ⁦‪RSS‬⁩ Party against Muslims in India is unacceptable
Video: The Strike and Assault exercised by RSS group against Muslims in India is unacceptable, Ahmed Al Mulla.

Recently, RSS (a terrorist organisation of Extremist Hindus in India) is assaulting Muslims, vandalizing their properties and killing them. Since Coronavirus outbreak, Muslims in India are being accused of Spreading the virus by RSS, Indian media and several BJP ministers.

In order to provoke Hindu groups against Muslims, Hindu Indian Citizens living in Gulf countries are spreading more hate against Muslims through social media.

Into the response of Hate Speech by Indian expatriates in Gulf countries, Gulf Citizens has started to raise their voices and urging the Arab governments to expel those who offend Muslims in their lands.

Kuwaiti Journalist and entrepreneur ‘Mohammed Ahmed Al Mulla (Arabic: محمد احمد الملا)’ shared a video message urging all Muslim countries to stand with Muslims in India.

“Each Muslim in the world is our brother and has a right (Muslim is the brother of another Muslim). The Strike and Assault exercised by the RSS group against Muslims in India is unacceptable. We Must Deal firmly with this matter and expel all who offend us on our lands. Islamic countries must stand with the Muslims in India, Ahmed Al Mulla said in his video message.”

Assaults and strikes by RSS group in India against minorities and Muslims are not new. But when BJP is in the power, RSS gets a free hand for Genocide. These days, Muslims in India are even being accused of spreading Coronavirus in India.

Indian media channels and the government is openly supporting these Accusations against muslims and provoking Hindu groups for the persecution of Muslims. Because of his anti-Muslim policies, Indian prime Narendra Modi was named as “Hitler of modern age” by the prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan.

Hitler’s Anti-Jews agendas and the violent stances led him towards the bloodshed of hundreds and thousands of Jews shook the world, in the same way, Narendra Modi implemented a similar stance against Muslims and the world has witnessed the Anti-Muslim upholdings in Gujrat, Kashmir and now in Delhi.

During World War II, the military branch of the Nazi Party named Waffen-SS fought along with the German Army to provide them with a strong support system. Similarly, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) extended its meaningful support to the Indian Army in 1971 against Pakistan and also when the Sino-Indian war was being fought.

The similarities don’t end here. The Nazis wanted to eradicate the Jewish people while the BJP wants to get rid of Muslims. Hitler’s “Greater Germany” and Modi’s “Akhand Bharat” – Greater India, are the ones relating to their vicious criminal activities.

The representation of Hitler’s Nazi Party and Modi’s BJP is also based on the same swastika symbols followed by the same lining patterns which make people wonder about the roots of their alliances.

Both the party leaders Adolf Hitler and Narendra Modi even share the same gestures for salutation with bent hand, kept on the chest and tightly straight.

The world was partially silent over the Killing of Indian Muslims by the RSS and the killing of Kashmiri people by the Indian army.

But it seems that a new Arab Spring is on its way as Arab citizens have started to support Indian Muslims and urging their governments to ban RSS in Arab countries.

Mohammed Ahmed al Mulla is not the only Kuwaiti citizen to raise his voice for Indian Muslims. There are dozens of Arab activists repeatedly condemning the violence of RSS against Indian Muslims.

Abdur Rahman Nassar, Ahmad Al Wahidah and several other Arab activists are joining the campaign against RSS and the hate speeches promoted by Extremist Hindus who are staying in Gulf countries.

“Work has already begun on creating an organization to defend the rights of Muslims and Kashmir, and to shed light on their cause in international forums and human rights conferences, and will be announced soon, Abdur Rahman Nassar said in a tweet.”

“Thank God it was agreed to establish a Gulf organization to defend Muslims and minorities in India and Kashmir. Every action by criminal gangs will be documented and brought to the attention of international human rights organizations, Ahmad AlWahidah said in another tweet.”

Indian MP Tejasvi Surya insulted Arab women in a tweet

The anger in the Arab world against RSS and India’s government has spiked even more when a member of the Indian Parliament (MP) Tejasvi Surya tweeted in a way of insult to all Arab women.

The tweet of Tejasvi Surya was widely condemned in the Gulf countries and people in the gulf were asking the Indian government to make him apologize for his words about Arab women.