Fact Check: Currently, There Are No U.S. Military Bases in Pakistan

Currently,  there are no U.S. military bases in Pakistan
Image: Screengrab via Google Search Page.

Currently, there are no U.S. military Bases in Pakistan. But in the past, under the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), U.S. military was using nine military bases in Pakistan which are, PAF Camp Badaber, Shamsi Airfield, PAF Base Shahbaz, Dalbandin Airport, Pasni Airport, PAF Base Nur Khan, PAF Base Samungli, Tarbela Ghazi Airbase, PAF Base Peshawar.

Farrukh Saleem Shares wrong map of U.S. military bases in Pakistan.
Image: Screengrab via Twitter.

Some people go beyond every limit in frustration and grief. Even they act against their own dignity, self-respect and even against their own country. Farrukh Saleem who is a self-made analyst just posted a wrong map of U.S. military bases in Pakistan. He has even shown a U.S. military base in Karachi city also.


Following the recent tension between Iran and the United States, many people are talking that Iran is Surrounded by U.S. bases from each of its borders. During the past, THe United States Military was using Pakistan’s military and airbases too which were mostly vacated in 2011.

Now, most of Pakistanis proudly say that there is no more U.S. military base in Pakistan which means Pakistan’s land will not be used by America against any country. But Anti-Pakistan lobbies are still trying to spread misinformation on social media to cause unrest among Pakistani people and to let down their dignity.

Farrukh Saleem just helped Anti-Pakistan lobbies by sharing a wrong map marking four U.S. military bases in Pakistan. The action of Farrukh Saleem sparked outrage and people started questioning his actions.