In the holy month of Ramzan some people are empty from the fear of GOD. As a 10 Years old Girl ” Farishta Mohmand ” raped and murdered brutally in Islamabad this week. Her dead body Found in the Jungle last night.

Ten years old Farishta Mohmand raped and murdered in Islamabad
This Innocent Girl Farishta Mohmand Found Dead in the forest of Islamabad ” Chak Shahzad Police station”. She was raped before murder”says Islamabad police”.

The innocent girl Farishta Mohmand belongs to Mohmand district KPK but was living in Islamabad, Chak Shahzad with her family. She was kidnapped outside her home on 15 May 2019. After Farishta Gone missing, The father of the Girl Gul Nabi contacted Chak Shahzad Police station and asked for help to find her. But as usual police did not took the matter serious and Refused to launch any FIR of her kidnapping.

The Father asked for help from Some political persons in the area and finally police Launched an FIR and started search of the girl after days of her kidnapping. As a result they found the dead body of Farishta Mohmand in the forest area of Chak Shahzad. The girl was murdered brutally and mutilated. Police also told that she was Raped Before murder. Her dead body was sent for Post mortem and more details will be revealed after post mortem Report.

Father of farishta Mohmand
Father of the innocent girl Gul Nabi after finding the dead body of his daughter.

Brother of Farishta tells the details

Brother of Farishta telling the details about his sister’s kidnapping and response of police.

Interior Minister Ijaz Shah Took Notice of Farishta’s Rape and Murder.

Interior Minister Brigadier ( Rtd) Ijaz Ahmed Shah Took Notice of the Incident and Ordered to police and other security agencies to bring the responsibles into justice. In the result of his Notice Police has arrested two persons on Tuesday in connection with the abduction, murder and alleged rape of a 10-year-old girl, Farishta, in Islamabad’s Shahzad Town area, police sources told.

The victim’s family is staging a protest at Taramari Chowk in Islamabad, calling for action to be taken against the culprits. Negotiations between the family and district administration are underway. The protesters said they will bury the victim after negotiations are successful.



Public Reactions on the Murder of Farishta Mohmand

As the news broke out about the Rape and murder of innocent girl, Public showing anger and frustration. Because this is not the first incident of its type. Sooner or later almost every month People see a new incident like this, But nothing has been done to stop these type of Sick people involved in these types of incidents. Pakistanis demanding justice on the horrific incident of Farishta’s Rape. This is how people Responding and showing their sentiments. Also Watch : Saboor Aly mocking Window Cleaner

Here are more Details how The dead body of Farishta Mohmand found and what was her condition.

Here is the Copy Of application which Father of Little girls given to Police on 15 may when she gone missing.

Last year 7 years old Zainab was raped and murdered in the same way. The issue was highlighted throughout the country. Later on The convict Imran was hanged till death in Zainab murder case. A 3 years old Girl Faryal was also raped and murdered in Abotabad few months ago.

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