Fauzia Ilyas as #iamrabipirzada trend setter
Image: Twitter.

#iamrabipirzada trend started on Twitter when an ex-Muslim Paksitani girl posted her half-nude pictures on Facebook to Support Rabi Pirzada. The Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada came under massive criticism after her nude videos and pictures became leaked on November 1, 2019. Hundreds of young girls and boys are posting their nude pictures with a hashtag #iamrabipirzada.

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Thousands of people on social media were trolling Rabi Pirzada for her nudes but many were supporting her and asking others to stop interfering in Rabi’s private life. An ex-Muslim girl Fauzia Ilyas came forward and posted her half-nude pictures on her Facebook and wrote:

Dear folks,
hope you’ll be doing good. We’re going to start a Twitter campaign in solidarity with a Pakistani singer, whose nudes had been leaked before two days. We’re taking our photos with the #IAMRABIPIRZADA and posting them on Twitter

Fauzia Ilyas Facebook post Reads.
Fauzia Ilyas started the Twitter trend #iamrabipirzada
Image: Screengrab from Facebook.

Fauzia Ilyas is living on self-exile in the Netherlands (a political activist, and the president and co-founder of Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan). She was also accused of Blasphemous acts and defaming Islam.

A Twitter user “Izma” revealed the reality of Fauzia Ilyas and her agenda to promote nudity in Pakistan in the name of sympathy with Rabi Pirzada. Another Twitter user also showed that a community of ex-Muslims also promoting this agenda of nudity.

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Ex-muslims of Netherlands support Rabi Pirzada after her nude videos leaked on social media.

Fauzia Ilyas also posted on her Twitter account and wrote:

Its my choice to support #Rabipirzada in this way. If people don’t get offended by nudity while watching the porn then they shouldn’t even get offended to see a naked woman supporting a cause.
Thank you everyone for support.

Fauzia Ilyas Tweet after #iamrabipirzada and #nobodyshame trends became viral on Twitter.

Within a matter of hours, #iamrabipirzada and #nobodyshame became the top trend on Twitter. Hundreds of young girls and boys started posting their nude body pictures with a hashtag #iamrabipirzada on social media as a gesture to stand with Rabi Pirzada.

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The supporters of #iamrabipirzada insisted that “there is no shame to show your body”. Watch some social media posts below.

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But the bold way of posting self nudes also sparked a reaction from thousands of Pakistanis. They argued that this is not the way to Support Rabi Pirzada after her nude videos leaked. “Rabi Pirzada is asking people to forget her mistake of leaking her nude videos and pictures, but this trend #iamrabipirzada is reminding the people how she filmed herself nude”.

Later on, the trend #iamrabipirzada turned into social media memes and frustrated people started enjoying the trend by posting funny memes, hilarious jokes and cartoon pictures. Watch some funny memes with the hashtag #iamrabipirzada, below.

For those who are using this trend to post their nude photos in the name of sympathy.

Another Twittery raised the question that “is it necessary to upload own nude photos to Support Rabi Pirzada’s Nude video leaks?”.

So Mahatma Gandhi also appeared and said: “there is no shame to show your body “.

Even Imran Khan says: #Iamrabipirzada

Rabi Pirzada is sad, ashamed, and heart was broken after her nude videos leaked, but social media is enjoying the situation with different ways by running trends like #iamrabipirzada and #nobodyshame. Everyone is enjoying in his own way, with his own agenda.

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