Fearing Arrest in Dubai Over Hate Tweets, Sonu Nigam Deletes Twitter Account


Fearing Arrest by Dubai Police Over Hate Tweets, Indian Singer Sonu Nigam Deletes his Twitter Account while staying in Dubai during Coronavirus epidemic.

Fearing Arrest by Dubai Police Over Hate Tweets against Loud Azaan, singer Sonu Nigam Deletes his Twitter Account
Sonu Nigam and hate hate tweets.

One of the famous Indian singer SONU NIGAM (@sonunigam) has said to Ban Azaan 3 years ago. He is now staying in DUBAI with his family. After the Twitter outrage over his Hate Tweets, Sonu Nigam deactivated his twitter account.

“God Bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be Woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When this forced religiousness end in India, Sonu Nigam had said this in 2017 demanding a ban on Loud Azaan in India”.

During his recent stay in Dubai, Screenshots of his old hate tweets surfaced on Twitter and people were asking Dubai police to arrest Sonu Nigam over these tweets.

Screenshot of Sonu Nigam tweets against Azaan

UAE citizens are spotting those Indian expatriates who spread hate against Muslims on social media and the UAE police are arresting and deporting all of them over hate speech crime.

Earlier this month, an Indian businessman in Dubai, Saurabh Upadhyay was spotted by Princess Hend Al Qassimi (A member of the Sharjah royal family) while he was spreading hate against Indian Muslims while staying in Dubai. Saurabh Upadhyay was arrested by Dubai Police and deported back to India over hate crime.

Later on, another Indian woman, Preeti Giri a CEO of a business firm, was spotted by a UAE citizen Noora AlGhurair while Preeti Giri was abusing Islam and Sunnis. Noora called to Dubai police for the arrest of Preeti Giri.

Preeti Giri was made to delete her Twitter account and other social media profiles by Dubai Police and she was deported back to India.

The action of Princess Hend Al Qassimi and Noora AlGhurair became a trend on Twitter and dozens of Emirati citizens are now finding those who spread hate against Islam while staying in any Emirate of UAE.

Sonu Nigam faces backlash after old tweets resurfaced

The Bollywood singer’s old comments have resurfaced with a call to boycott him, while people are asking Dubai police to arrest him.


There’s a fresh call in UAE to boycott and arrest Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, who is currently living in Dubai during the coronavirus pandemic, after his comments over the Muslim call to prayer made three years ago, resurfaced online.

The singer made those comments in 2017 while living in India, where he spoke about “forced religion” and the noise emerging from loudspeakers during the call to prayer, which disturbed his “morning sleep”.

At the time, those comments were perceived as Islamophobic by many on social media and had raised a Twitter storm.

Over the last few days, those hatefull comments have resurfaced on social media, prompting a cross section of Twitter users from UAE to tag Dubai Police, asking for action to be taken against this singer since he’s now temporarily stranded in the UAE during the ongoing national sterlisation drive.


Sonu Nigam’s son studies in the UAE, prompting the singer to stay back during the coronavirus pandemic as he did not want to endanger his aged father in India.

Enraged Twitter users re-posted screengrabs of his controversial hatefull tweets from 2017 that led Sonu Nigam to deactivate his Twitter account at the time.


In April 2017, Nigam posted a series of tweets to his 5.92 million Twitter followers, about how the morning prayers from mosques in India had disturbed his sleep. He also commented that the noise from loudspeakers emerging from temples and gurudwaras — place of worship for Hindus and Sikhs –— were also problematic and added to the “noise pollution”.

The ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ singer’s comments triggered a swift backlash at the time. In an earlier interview with Gulf News, Nigam discussed his decision to quit the micro-blogging site after the 2017 row.


“I quit Twitter because it became a nuisance more than any assistance. Anybody has the right to say anything to anyone. For instance, I am talking to you now on the phone, but if I start abusing you I can be punished for it. You will write about me being bad-mouthed and question what my parents taught me… I will pay for it. But how do these guys go scot free?” asked Nigam during that interview.

He used the example of how he had spotted Twitter users directing expletives at Bollywood legend  Amitabh Bachchan on his Twitter feed.

Nigam added that the lack of filter on that social media platform prompted him to quit Twitter at the time.

As the tweets emerge on social media again, Twitter user Kirti tweeted: “I heard that Indian Singer the coward #SonuNigam has deactivated his @Twitter account after twitter storm against #Islamophobia by Arabian Officials…”


Another user Mohammad Azhar tweeted at authorities in Dubai to take action against the singer.

While Sonu Nigam, who has performed in Dubai more than a dozen times over the years, was blasted for his remarks back in 2017, the renewed call for boycott brings the issue back in focus.

People Troll Sonu Nigam

Beside the outrage, hundreds of Twitter users are trolling Sonu Nigam after this campaign of boycott against him.

“Sonu Nigam just deactivated his account.
Reason: He is in Dubai, A Twitter user @Dil_ka_bhawar tweeted this morning.


Below are more tweets of the people trolling Sonu Nigam.

“What A Bizarre! The Pathetic Idiot “Sonu Nigam” Deleted His Twitter Account out of fear, Shahnawaz Ansari tweeted making fun of Sonu Nigam.”


Meanwhile, Nigam has been performing virtual concerts from Dubai to bring cheer to his fans during the global pandemic.

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