With the development of social networks, messengers as well as marketplaces and other resources, many companies have started to introduce an account verification procedure using a mobile phone number to confirm identity and complete registration.


    This procedure completely deprives internet users of their anonymity and makes mass account registration practically impossible or unprofitable in terms of cost. Because of this, many users have started to use a fake phone number for SMS.


    What it is and how to use online phone numbers for registration, we’ll tell you today in our article.

    What are virtual numbers and who uses them?

    Virtual numbers are being used more and more by citizens and companies. It is a very convenient tool that allows you to register with various resources without providing your own mobile number.


    A virtual number is an ordinary number that a customer can get directly from the Internet. Its main feature is that it does not require any special equipment, a physical SIM card and a phone. In order to use a cloud number for SMS you will need any device with Internet access.

    Everyone is familiar with the situation when after registration you start to be attacked by numerous mailing lists. You can avoid this by using a fake phone number for SMS. In principle they do not accept advertising and spam mailings and you do not have to provide any personal information to receive them.

    Who rents numbers: main groups of users?

    • The first group includes those who use scamming software. For example, to increase the number of likes, subscribers or votes. Such customers are called “wholesale” users, as they need many virtual numbers at once.
    • Users who need to rent a number for bonuses, to participate in various promotions, for example.
    • It is a good option to confirm registration and during blocking of account in social networks, messengers or dating websites.
    • If you do not have a second SIM card or during business negotiations, you also need a virtual number.
    • Virtual numbers are also used to increase security, using such numbers ensures complete anonymity of your personal data.
    • This list could certainly be extended. Another attractive option is an affiliate programme where you can earn money by increasing your user base.

    Number rental and SMS verification makes life easier for anyone on the Internet, as services such as these create new approaches and options.

    How to get virtual mobile number in 5 minutes?

    Here is step by step instruction on how to get a number, by following this instruction you will be able to get a virtual phone number in just a few minutes:


    1. The first thing to do in such case is to register on portal

    2. Next you need to top up your balance using the most convenient way

    3. Next step is choosing the country of the mobile operator and the resource where you want to register. After all these actions you should press the Buy’ button.

    4. after that portal will give you a virtual mobile number, which you can enter during registration and get SMS with confirmation code.


    That’s all! This service is very easy to use and requires no special knowledge and the most important thing – it’s completely anonymous. Overall, it is a convenient, modern service that makes life much easier for all Internet users.

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