Fedmyster Pokimane Drama Explained – FEDMYSTER’S LEAKED DOCUMENT and Pokimane Leaked DMs

  • Pokimane leaked Dms (direct messages), manipulating Fedmyster, emerged on social media
  • Streamer Fedmyster, in a leaked document, accused his former colleague, Pokimane, of manipulative behaviour.
  • 25-page Fedmyster Documents are getting viral on social media
Pokimane fedmyster leaked documents and dms 
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Pokimane Leaked Dms (direct messages) and Fedmyster leaked documents are making headlines on social media platforms.

The Twitch celebrity community has been rocked in recent days as a result of allegations made by streamer Fedmyster in a leaked document, in which he accuses his former colleague, Pokimane, of manipulative behaviour.

Fedmyster leaked documents revealing manipulating behaviour of Pokimane

The document (since deleted) accuses Pokimane (real name Imane Anys) of using Fedmyster (real name Federico Gaytan) as a “scapegoat” for her own negative treatment of fellow content creators both in the OfflineTV content house, and the similar Just Friends house.


Fedmyster has been lying low over the past few months, after several female content creators at OfflineTV (including Pokimane) accused him of sexual harrassment and inappropriate behaviour. Now, he has been brought back into the spotlight as other streamers debate his relationship with Pokimane.

The drama between Fedmyster and Pokimane goes back several months. Both used to live in the OfflineTV house, a home for several prominent Twitch and YouTube content creators.

Fedmyster was accused by two of these creators – Yvonnie and LilyPichu – of inappropriate behaviour, in which he would, while claiming to be drunk, attempt to massage their thighs or touch them under their shirts. This led to his expulsion from the house and his termination as part of the OfflineTV group.

Pokimane, who also left the house at around this time (but stayed a member of the OfflineTV group from a business perspective), stated that she had left in part due to Fedmyster’s controlling behaviour, claiming that he had attempted to manipulate members of OfflineTV house and the similar Just Friends house to view her in a negative light, and that he was spreading false rumours that the two were in a romantic relationship together.


According to Fedmyster, he wrote the newly leaked document to process his relationship with Pokimane, and sent it to a friend for advice in private, who in turn chose to betray his trust and leak it to other Twitch and YouTube stars.

The document makes many claims about Pokimane, including how she allegedly failed to befriend the Just Friends content creators and blamed it on Fedmyster. It also claims that Pokimane called Yvonnie “lazy” and attempted to get her fired.

Pokimane leaked Dms (Direct messages) reveals Pokimane flirting with Fedmyster

The most controversial parts of the document, though, are supposed text message screenshots of Dms (direct messages) which appear to show Pokimane flirting explicitly with Fedmyster. These texts, the letter alleges, are proof that the two creators had a more intense relationship than Pokimane claims.


Pokimane has responded publicly to many of the allegations made in Fedmyster’s leaked document, arguing against her representation.

Pokimane responds to backlash she’s been getting for flippant manner with which she addressed situation with Fedmyster. Pokimane says “it’s hard for me to reply to very private things without making the situation messier.”

She wrote in a tweet:

sorry td was tough, it’s hard for me to reply to v private things without making the situation messier + i was not in a good headspace. ty to those that were understanding, lookin forward to moving on.

Pokimane responds to backlash she’s been getting for flippant manner with which she addressed situation with Fedmyster. Poki says “it’s hard for me to reply to very private things without making the situation messier.”

Several other content creators, though, including Destiny and Keemstar, have accused Pokimane of glossing over many elements of the document, with Keemstar arguing that she is “vague” on many points, and Destiny accusing her of glossing over the alleged text messages included in the document.

Fedmyster has also made a statement about the document leak, claiming that he and Pokimane had agreed to remain silent on their own disagreements to attempt to spare the streaming community any more drama. With the leaked letter now out in the open, however, it’s unlikely that this particular issue will be going away any time soon.