Video: Female Prisoner accusing Lahore Jail administration of rape

A video of a woman emerged on social media raising questions against Lahore Jail administration. The woman who captured her own video accused lahore jail administration for rapes with female Prisoners. See the video, below.

‏قانون کے رکھوالوں کے کارنامے۔۔لاہور کی جیل سے ایک قیدی خاتون کی درد بھری فریاد۔جیل کے اندر قیدی عورتوں کے ساتھ نہ صرف…

Posted by Viral Trends on Monday, May 18, 2020
Video by a female Prisoner of Lahore jail

“I am a prisoner here in Lahore district jail and we (Female Prisoners) are being mistreated in the jail, the women accused in her video message.

“They take us into the office of Director General (DIG) Jails (Malik Mubahsir) and use to rape us. If any woman gets pregnant, jail administration forcefully abort her, the woman added.” She said the DIG jails has full awareness of what is going on with female Prisoners.

The woman however, was hiding her face behind a veil in order to keep her identity anonymous.

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