FIA Inspector Investigation batch 3 questions on 7 January 2019:
Here are some questions from batch one paper.

1. Saudi Journalist Kashoggi was assassinated in which country? Turkey

2. G20 2018 summit held in country? Argentina

3. US president tenure? 8 year

4. Donald Trump Government expire in year? 2025

5. US 4th Persidant HW Bush died on? Nov 30 ,2018.

6. Siri Divi died in year? 24 February 2018

7. Gurubank anniversary no? 549

8. Strongest Party in UK? Conservative and Unionists Party

9. Trump belong to Party ? Republican

10. ECO Headquarter? Jaddih

11. One belt one road project of China is a part of ? CPEC

12. UK exist from EU in? 29 April 2019

13. Ruling party in U k ? Conservative

14. Winner of FIFA world cup ?France

15. Current Head of Saudi Arabia? Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz

16. Matire President of Malaysia become President time

17. Old name of ECO ? RCD

18. Najeeb Ullaha is the title of? Hazarat Dawood

19. Depth of zam zam well?

20. Number of Kalmar Astaghfar ?6

21. Literal meaning of Devil ? Satan

22. Stages of Quran? 7

23. First freed Ghulam of Islam ? Hazrat zahid bin hairs

24. Who accepted first Islam from slaves? Haze at Bilal

25. What is the favourite religion of Allah? Islam

26. Urdu daclared National Language in ? Constitution of 1973

27. Bogra formula date ? 7 October 1956

28. Who is current interior minster? Shahryar Afridi

29. Current Chairman Senate of Pakistan? Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani

30. Current CM of Balochistan? Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo

31. National bird of Pakistan? Chukar

32. When first continuation Assembly was dismissed? October 24 1954

33. Seedless fruit is called?

34. Study of sound is called? Acoustics

35. Current in a conductor is directly proportional of voltage across conductor? This theory is called Ohm’s Law .

36. Deficiency of Vitamin C results in? Scurvy

37. Study of science which deal with energy of cell in body is called? Bioenergetics

38. 3rd Isotopes of Hydrogen?

39. Synonym of Scanty

40. Synonym of Sabotage

41. Synonym of Rupture

42. Antonym of Reticent

43. Antonym of Roomy

44. Antonym of Rupugnance

45. Idiom ,when pig fly

46. Idiom , break the ice

47. Idiom, once in a blue moon

48. If age of three person is 23, and if we added forth person what would be the age of him to keep the same average?

49. Square root of “x” will be equal to 64? 8

50. 1-(1-(1-1)))= ?


See: FIA ACT 1974.


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