On November 10, 2019, A video became viral on social media in which a woman found beating a female kid while the kid was crying, calling her mother for help. It seems that the woman in the video is a housemaid and parents of the kid were not present at the home and the Housemaid found the chance to satisfy her wild instinct.

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The video became viral all over Twitter and on Facebook and caused outrages among the Public. Some people debated that alleged video is from Karachi (Pakistan) while others said that it is from India. Social media users for asking their friends to recognize the woman in the video so that she can be arrested for her cruel actions. Watch the video, below.

Note: Some parts of the video can be disturbing for some users. Please watch if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, skip the video and keep reading the details only.

Video: Alleged Indian/Pakistani woman Beating female kid.

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The video of Indian/Pakistani woman was shared by several Social media pages but no one claimed to recognise the woman yet. People argued that “despite the location from which video belongs, people should stand for the little kid and raise their voices to help her”.

Many people requested their fellows to “never leave your kids alone with your domestic servants”. Watch some public responses on the video of “Woman beating the little kid”, below.

Reaction of a Twitter user on the viral video of “woman beating small girl”.

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