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    Flairship Fortnite Chapter 3 season 4 – Where to find Flairship in Fortnite

    The Flairship is one of the best places to land in Season 3 of Fortnite. This place is significant this season because players have to go there more than once to finish challenges and get XP boosts which are very helpful.


    Even though it has a new name, this ship was in Chapter 3, Season 2 of the game. The Seven and the Imagined Order went to war with each other in this season, and some of the most advanced military technology was used.

    Flairship Fortnite Chapter 3 season 4 - Where to find Flairship in Fortnite

    During the season, the Imagined Order attacked several critical points on the island using airships. The Seven ultimately took them all out, beating the Imagined Order and killing Dr. Slone.

    However, Epic Games brought back one of the ships with the new season. The Rave Cave is where you can find the Flairship.


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    The Flairship is one of the best places to land in Chapter 3, Season 4 of Fortnite.

    In Chapter 3, Season 2, the Imagined Order put five different airships all over Fortnite Island. They had a lot of loot, but IO soldiers and even bosses were there to protect them.

    The most popular airship was in Command Cavern, arguably the best place to land because it had two bosses that dropped Mythic weapons. Gunnar, inside the cavern, dropped the Gunnar’s Stinger SMG.

    Flairship Fortnite Chapter 3 season 4 - Where to find Flairship in Fortnite

    The player could find Huntmaster Saber right above him. This character was found inside the Flairship, and it was one of the best weapons in the game that it dropped: the Mythic Thermal Assault Rifle.


    In the end, the Seven fought back against the Imagined Order and destroyed every airship, even the Flairship. A few weeks into the season, players could go to Loot Lake and see where the ship went down.

    With the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, the famous airship has come back. It got a new coat of paint, but it’s still one of the best places to land in the game.

    The same place where the Flairship was two seasons ago is where you can find it now. It is on the north side of Rave Cave and has over 20 chests on board.

    The high-security vault that is inside the Flairship is its best feature. It is one of four vaults like this in the game. To open it, players need to use two keys.


    Last but not least, you can also find Cryptic inside the ship. The NPC can be hired and sells Med Mist.

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    Future map changes

    Epic Games is getting ready to change the map of Fortnite Battle Royale again. As Chrome spreads all over the island, it looks like Chapter 3. Season 4 will be changed often.

    The famous ship Driftwood, above Lustrous Lagoon, will move to Rocky Reels. Based on the map changes that have been leaked, it will be floating above the bridge in the area.


    Also, the No Sweat Insurance building will be moved to Coney Crossroads, so Chrome doesn’t get into it.

    The Driftwood, the Flairship Fortnite, and the No Sweat Insurance building must all be used in an emote for a weekly Fortnite challenge. Leaked map changes have shown that the ship and the building have moved a lot, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Epic Games also decided to move the Rave Cave airship.

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