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    FM’s Role In Selecting A Parking Management Solution

    FM’s Role In Selecting A Parking Management Solution

    A well-managed car park helps employees have a stress-free commute. It assures your workforce that their vehicle has space in the parking lot. And a parking management solution can help with it.


    But given the range of options available, choosing the right parking management solution can be a hassle for employers. This is where facilities managers (FM) come in. Read on to find out the role of an FM when selecting the right parking management solution.

    The Role of FMs in Selecting a Parking Management Solution

    In a hybrid office, the FM takes care of parking management. They ensure enough parking spaces available, that parking is smooth and make decisions to streamline parking.


    Naturally, they also play a major role in selecting the appropriate parking management solution for the office. They – 

    • Research solutions based on the data collection needs
    • Determine the ROI of installing the solution

    Here is a better overview of what FMs check before finalizing ‘the’ parking management solution. 

    1. Real-Time Booking Facilities

    In a hybrid workplace, not all employees visit the office simultaneously. So, fixed parking spots become redundant, and companies can downsize their parking. But in doing this, companies will need to install a parking management solution with real-time booking facilities instead. This way, they can avoid the congestion caused due to locating an empty parking spot in real-time.


    The parking management solution must show the live availability of parking spots. It can also have an interactive floor plan of the parking facility. 

    Employees can just tap on the parking space to reserve it. This way, employees can know exactly where they are going to park their vehicles.  Employees and visitors must also be able to book these spaces in advance on the solution.

    With a parking management solution, parking space is assigned to employees instantly, and they don’t need to wait to get a confirmation. Additionally, the reserved space becomes immediately unavailable for other employees to book. This can help prevent crowding at the entrance and a smooth traffic flow.

    2. Occupancy Reporting


    A parking management solution must make it easier for facility managers to analyze parking usage through detailed reports. It should include information on:

    • Space utilization
    • Peak usage hours
    • Utilization by person
    • Booking history
    • Canceled bookings
    • Upcoming bookings
    • Waiting time

    The data will help FMs detect the spaces that people never book. Or if there is a shortage of parking slots during a particular day of the week. 

    The reports by a parking management solution can also give information on ghost bookings. In such cases, FMs can cancel these bookings or take other necessary actions. This will ensure that no one is devoid of a parking slot when in need.

    3. Integration Capabilities


    As an FM, you must ensure a solution is thoroughly implemented and is used by everyone. And integrations make it simpler. 

    When your parking management solution integrates with interfaces like Microsoft Office and Google Suite, employees can make parking bookings from any associated app. This lessens the burden of training the employees on the new technology and increases the solution’s overall usage. Besides, employees can use it like any other application on their phone or laptop.

    4. Alerts 

    Say two employees want to book the same parking spot. Without a parking management system, these requests will go to you, the facilities manager. If both the requests come in simultaneously, setting you up for an inevitable booking conflict.


    One way to avoid this is to get a parking booking solution that sends instant alerts for the following situations:

    • After a slot is booked.
    • If the parking facility is full.
    • Before making your reserved space available for others in case of a “no show’. 
    • During sanitation or maintenance activities.

    These alerts on a parking management solution ensure there are no communication issues regarding parking availability and maintenance.

    6. Determining the ROI of the Solution

    Investing in a parking management system can be costly and time-taking. Thus, as an FM, you must emphasize the ROI from this purchase.


    Some essential questions you can ask are:

    • Does the parking management system help you optimize your space utilization?
    • Does the software provide a better workplace experience for  your employees?
    • Does the software help in saving precious time for your on-site employees?

    The answers to these questions can help you determine whether your office needs a parking management solution. If the returns outweigh the cost, installing the software in your office building is a wise decision.

    Final Take

    Technology can make managing the parking space work less burdensome. So, investing in a good parking management solution is a wise decision. 


    WorkInSync parking management software is designed to help improve the parking experience for employees. The parking systems allow entry and exit management. The mobile and web based parking solution allows for optimal parking in the office. 

    To know more about the product, schedule a demo with the product experts. 

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