The Former CEO of Papa John's, John Schnatter, claims he has spent the last 20 months trying to rid the N word from his vocabulary

Outrage sparked on social media after The Former CEO of Papa John’s, John Schnatter, claims he has spent the last 20 months trying to rid the N word from his vocabulary.


According to details Former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter says he has been working for 20 months to ‘get rid of this N-word in my vocabulary’ while denying accusations of racism during an interview on One America News Network. Watch the video of his statement, below.

However, People on social media didn’t like the statement that John Schnatter spent 20 months in getting rid of one word (The N-word). As the video statement of John Schnatter surfaced on Twitter, “PAPA JOHN” and “20 Months” are currently trending on Twitter and people are expressing their anger over John Schnatter.


While Trolling Ex CEO, John Schnatter, a Twitter user wrote “”My name is Papa John and its been four months, three weeks and six days since I’ve said the n-word”…deafening applause“.

“Papa John trying to go a minute without saying the N-Word,” wrote another user in the caption of a meme.

Another user wrote, tweet reads: “Papa John’s CEO said he’s been working for 20 MONTHS to remove the n-word from his vocabulary. This is definitely going into the Hall of Fame of one of the most funniest one-liners of all time.”


See more reactions over the statement of John Schnatter, below.

Born on November 23, 1961, John H. Schnatter, nicknamed commercially as Papa John, is an American entrepreneur who founded Papa John’s Pizza in 1984. Schnatter started the business in the back of his father’s tavern after selling his car and using the proceeds to purchase used restaurant equipment. As of 2020, his net worth was over $1 billion.


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