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    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Campfire Locations

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    Campfire Locations – Chrome is taking over Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, so it won’t be long until the whole island has a silvery-white metallic shine. As winter slowly comes, finding a place to stay will be hard. But players can still find a place to rest because there are 79 campfires all over the island.

    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Campfire Locations

    They can keep you warm and help you get better. There are more campfires in some biomes than in others. So, here are all the places in Chapter 3, Season 4, where you can find a campfire.

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    All of the campfire spots in Chapter 3 of Season 4 of Fortnite

    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Campfire Locations

    Alien Biome on the Decline

    The Reality Tree in the Alien Biome has lost its leaves since Chrome arrived, and the area is slowly dying. No one knows what will happen in the area in the coming days. If you need a break, you should know that this area only has 7 campfires. Here’s where they are:

    • Overtaken Outpost (Southeast of Greasy Grove)
    • East of Greasy Grove and northwest of Greasy Grove
    • Between Cappy Cabin and Beach Bash (Far west of Greasy Grove)
    • Groovy Grove and Scratch Pad (Far west of Reality Tree)
    • His Hut (Northwest of Reality Tree)

    Biome: Mountains/Snow

    The mountainous and snowy area hasn’t changed much since the beginning of Chapter 3, and this part of the map will likely stay snowy until the end. Rave Cave, Logjam Junction, and Shifty Shafts are some of the POIs in this area. There are about 10 places to have a campfire in this area:

    • Far southeast of Rave Cave, near Drill Hill and Happy Camper. West and south of Rave Cave, near Logjam Junction.
    • Or, Come What May (Far northeast of Logjam Junction)
    • Lonely Guard Station (Far north of Shifty Shafts)
    • Floaties Boats can be found in and around Shifty Shafts (South of Shifty Shafts)

    Desert Biome

    In Chapter 3, Season 4, the desert biome is the second-largest type of land. It takes up most of the southern half of the island and is where some of the bloodiest battles happen late in the game. Here are the places in the area where you can have a campfire:

    • About and in Rocky Reels
    • Dry Lands (Southwest of Rocky Reels)
    • Station Synapse
    • Lil’ Shafte (West of Synapse Station)
    • POI Not Named (Southwest of Synapse Station)
    • The island’s edge (Southeast of Synapse Station)
    • South of Chonker’s Speedway is Sandblast Estates.
    • The Cloudy Condos are west and northwest of Seven Outpost IV.
    • Chateau Bob

    Grass Biome

    The grass biome takes up most space on the island. Even though players can almost “touch grass” now, most of it will be Chrome in a few weeks. So, here are the places where all the campfires are in this area:

    • Tow-along beach (Far east of Fort Jonesy)
    • South of the Optimized Outpost at Fort Jonesy (Far west of Fort Jonesy)
    • Shimmering Shrine
    • Around the Herald’s Sanctum and inside of it
    • West of the Last Legs (Foundation statue)
    • Open Road Outpost (to the west of Herald’s Sanctum)
    • Towers That Lean
    • Loot Lake and its surroundings
    • Around the Coney Crossroads area
    • Around Sleepy Sound and
    • North of Outpost Ocean (Far north of Lustrous Lagoon)
    • Lagoon Looper Landing Shiny

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