Fortnite Collider Point of Interest: The Doomsday Device is back, but this time for a different reason


Fortnite Collider Point of Interest: The Doomsday Device is back, but this time for a different reason.

The Fortnite map is always changing, and now the collider has been added, which suggests that there will be even more destruction than before.

The first time players saw a Doomsday Device was when Midas tried to control the Zero Point and the Storm and almost destroyed the whole island. Dr. Slone And the Imagined Order has not gotten their hands on these plans.

They made their own Doomsday Device, which looks like it was put on the map as the Collider Point of Interest. All signs point to it being a big part of a live event that ends the season.

Fortnite Collider Point of Interest: The Doomsday Device is back, but this time for a different reason. Fortnite Collider Point of Interest
A look at Collider, the latest point of interest added to Fortnite (Image via

Why is the Fortnite Collider POI in Chapter 3 Season 2 there?

Just north of Tilted Towers is the Collider, which is an interesting place to visit. Everyone thinks that Tilted Towers will be destroyed again, which is bad news for the popular place.

Anything on the island that is close to the collider is more than likely doomed to fail. Players will have to wait until the end of Chapter 3 Season 2 to find out if that is really the case.

For now, not much is known about the collider except that it was put there by the Imagined Order and looks a lot like Midas’s Doomsday Device, which was used to scare people.

The big building in the middle of the island where the battle royale takes place will probably be used to control the Loop, as Midas planned. However, the IO could go one step further.

Leaks by the notorious iFireMonkey have given “gameplay cues” that could point to a live event. For reasons that aren’t clear yet, words like “moon montage” and “moon stasis” make it sound like the collider could shoot at the moon.

Many fans think that this means more Star Wars crossovers are coming, which could lead to a season with a space theme. So far, none of that has been confirmed by the government.

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Collider POI Purpose Explained.

Fortnite Collider Point of Interest. Players will flock to the collider to fry and figure out. What the device is all about until the live event starts. Right now, it’s a dangerous place to drop because players will always have to fight before they can leave the area.

The new area controlled by the Imagined Order is sure to be the centre of attention at the end of this season or in future ones. Keep an eye on the Collider, because it might get stronger before the end of Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite.

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